Data Science, Analytics, & Data Mining Online Degrees and Certificates

We present a comprehensive list of Online masters and graduate degree certificates in Data science, data mining, analytics & machine learning along with their curriculum & program costs.

Data Scientists are among the hottest professions now and many universities are stepping in to educate the next generation of analytics professionals. This post gives a comprehensive survey of currently available ONLINE degrees and certificates in Data Science, Analytics, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning.

Fig. 1: Word Cloud of titles of online MS degrees in Data Science, Analytics, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics.

Of the 27 MS Degrees in Table 1, the most popular titles are
  • MS in Data Science: 7
  • MS in Analytics: 4
  • MS in Data Analytics: 3
  • MS in Predictive Analytics: 2

Only one program used "Data Mining" in its title.

Table 1: Online MS Degree Programs in Data Science, Analytics, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, listed in alphabetical order. Tuition fee may vary for resident/non-resident status.
Total Cost
American U. MS in Analytics [Curriculum]  Focused on business practices, offers a range of career-focused concentrations 15 months $50,358
Austin Peay State U., Professional Science MS in Predictive Analytics/Data Management [Curriculum] Concentration in data management & analysis 2 years $2,916(r); $7,812(nr)
Berkeley MS Information and Data Science (MIDS) [Curriculum]  3-day on campus immersion experience, dynamic coursework & student support 12-20 months $60,000
Capella U. MS in Analytics [Curriculum] Aligned to the SAS Statistical Business Analyst certification. Offers a virtual internship with interactive simulation. 10 week courses
1.5 years
Carnegie Melon U. MS Information Systems Management, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (MISM-BIDA) [Curriculum] recognized by InformationWeek as one of the top programs suited to develop the leaders needed to fill the global "big data talent gap 12 or 16 month track $66,240
City U. of Seattle MS in CS with concentration in Big data Management [Curriculum] Computer Architecture; Software Engineering; and Managing the Technology Project. Alongside these core courses, you can select a specialization in Big data. 24 months $29,925
CUNY SPS Online MS in Data Analytics [Curriculum]  quantitative methods, data modeling data mining, machine learning, and data programming 18 months $28,080
Dakota State U. MS in Analytics [Curriculum]  small class-sizes, flexibility to earn degree on-campus or online 24 months $10,350
DePaul MS in Predictive Analytics [Curriculum]  advanced skills in data mining, multivariate statistics, machine learning & database processing.
12-24 months $41,600
Elmhurst College part-time MS in Data Science [Curriculum]  a curriculum that integrates statistics, computer science and business 2 years $25,350
Georgia Southern U. online MS in CS with concentration in Data and Knowledge systems [Curriculum]  Concentrations in: Data Mining and Data Warehousing. Intensive 30-hour  $50,985
Harrisburg U. Online MS in Analytics [Curriculum]  hands-on experience with cloud computing and common industry platforms such as Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, Tableau, and Pentaho 12 course and 15-24 months -
Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) MS Data Science [Curriculum] coursework plus 6 credit summer practicum. Discrete mathematics, linear algebra, probability, statistics, relational databases, programming 12-24 months $43,329
ITB Ireland MS in Business Intelligence and Data Mining [Curriculum]  live classes two evenings a week (GMT) 2 year part-time € 4,000
Indiana U., MS in Data Science [Curriculum]  data science program provides two distinct paths—a technical path and a decision-maker path 1 year $10,553(r)
Lewis U. online, MS Data Science [Curriculum]  Offers 2 concentrations: Data Science for Computer Scientists and Data Science for Life Scientists within 2 years $28,620
Northwestern U. Online MS Predictive Analytics [Curriculum]  Advanced data analysis, predictive modeling, computer-based data mining, and marketing, web, text, and risk analytics are just some of the areas of study offered in the program. 1 year $49,368
U. of Oklahoma-Norman, MS Data Science and Analytics [Curriculum] The online MS program is a non-thesis option. Database management, algorithm analysis, network science etc 14 months $10,111(r)
Penn State U. MS Professional Studies in Data Analytics [Curriculum]  Delivered in a strong partnership between four colleges and four academic departments from across the University. 2 years $27,900
Philadelphia U., MS in Modeling, Simulation and Data Analytics [Curriculum] Models and tools one would need to be successful in formulating meaningful predictive data  1.5-2 years  $31,500
Rutgers U., MS Business And Science Degree in Analytics - Discovery Informatics & Data Sciences [Curriculum]   brings together fields of data management, statistics, machine learning and computation  2 semesters $39,816(r)
Saint Mary's College MS Data Science [Curriculum] Practicum that involves developing data analysis tools. Optional course of Entrepreneurship.  5 semesters   $27000
Southern Methodist U. MS in Data Science [Curriculum] small classes, face-face style, seminar-style. Offers an Immersion experience, networking & support. 18-24 months $52,824
SNHU Online MS in Data Analytics [Curriculum]  Decision Methods and Modeling,Presentation and Visualization of Data, Optimization and Risk Assessment, and Predictive Analytics.  15 month $22,572
U. of Maryland, MS Data Analytics [Curriculum]  The curriculum covers sophisticated software tools and functions such as data mining, predictive modeling, and visual analytics using large data sets. (plus 6 credit practicum)  1- 1.5 years  $16,488(r)
U. of Wisconsin MS Data Science [Curriculum] how to clean, organize, analyze, and interpret unstructured data, deriving knowledge
communicating your discoveries clearly using sophisticated visualization techniques and other means.
1 term $29,700
Villanova U. MS Analytics [Curriculum]  Designed to expose students to the whole analytics continuum from data collection through analysis through implementation and use.   20 months $37,950


Word Cloud: Some of the Core courses offered by universities in data science

For the online certificate programs in Table 2, the most popular titles are
  • Data Science: 7 (one with Business Analytics)
  • Data Mining: 6 (one with BI)
  • Data Analytics: 3

Table 2: Online Certificates in Data Science, Analytics, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics

UniversityOverviewDurationTotal Cost
Boston U. Data Analytics Graduate Certificate [Curriculum] Data analytics practices accompanied by exposure to the methods and tools for data mining and knowledge discovery. 1 term  $12,800
California State U. Fullerton Data Analytics Graduate Certificate [Curriculum] Hands-on practices, real-world case demonstrations and project development. 99 hours of lecture & discussions $2,865
Central Michigan U. Graduate Certificate in Data Mining [Curriculum]  Advanced Data mining , computing technology, statistical techniques and geographical information system (GIS). 1 year $11,850(r)
Colorado State U. Data Analytics Certificate [Curriculum]  Focus on SAS and R software for statistical analysis 6 sub-terms $7,920
Harvard U. Professional Data Science Graduate Certificate [Curriculum]  No application is required and direct registration for graduate course. 2 years $9600
Indiana U. Online Certificate in Data Science Program [Curriculum]  breadth of coverage, world-leading faculty, strong industry links with excellent career services, and with options for online or in residence programs 1.5 years  $15,240
Missouri U. of Science & Tech, Graduate certificate in Business Analytics & Data Science [Curriculum]  one of the three grad certificates among Big data & security and Big data management & analytics 1 term $14,335
NJIT Graduate Certificate in data mining [Curriculum]  Designed for data analysts working with large organizations to design and use their data resources. 1 term $13,044
Northeastern Graduate Certificate in data science [Curriculum]  Includes data management, machine learning, data mining, statistics, and visualizing and communicating data. 1 term $5,640
Regis U., Graduate Certificate in Data Science [Curriculum] Statistical data analysis techniques including machine learning. Big data techniques 1 term $8,400
Stanford Data Mining and Applications Graduate Certificate
Also Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate [Curriculum]
With the Mining Massive Data Sets graduate certificate, you will master efficient, powerful techniques and algorithms for extracting information from large datasets such as the web, social-network graphs, and large document repositories. 1-2 years average 1)$10,080 - $11,880
2)$13,440 - $19,800
Syracuse U., Certificate of Advanced Study in Data Science [Curriculum]  covers data analytics, data storage and management and data visualization. 1-1.5 years $20,820
UC Irvine, Predictive Analytics Certificate Program [Curriculum] This program is intended for professionals who are using or wish to use predictive analytics to optimize business performance at a variety of levels in a wide range of industries 1-2 terms $6,245
UC San Diego, Data Mining Certificate [Curriculum] designed to provide proficiency with Data warehousing, Extraction and collection of data, and algorithms across databases.  4 to 5 quarters   $3,960
U. of Louisville, Certificate in Data Mining [Curriculum] highlights faculty expertise on the use of text, web, numerical, and image data bases.  12 months  $3,960
Oklahoma State U. graduate data mining certificate [Curriculum] curriculum for this program has been designed in partnership with SAS  12-24 months $2,352(r)
U. of Texas Dallas Data Mining & BI [Curriculum] Joint program with SAS Institute provides students with an opportunity to work with the latest technology, such as SAS Enterprise Miner, XL Miner and SAP Business Data Warehousing. 1 term $8,000(r)
U. of Washington-Seattle, Certificate in Data Science [Curriculum] Hands-on experience with Hadoop and MapReduce, Introduction to core statistical and machine learning techniques, Capstone project 1-1.5 years -

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