Northwestern MOOC Specialization: “Social Marketing – How to Profit in a Digital World;” Lexalytics CMO Seth Redmore Featured Faculty Member

Six-part series offered through Coursera will teach entrepreneurs, executives, and marketing professionals how to manage, measure, and monetize social media marketing programs.

EVANSTON, Ill. --- In today’s digital climate, many businesses have gotten good at being active on social media. But very few have figured out how to be profitable on it. Northwestern University’s new, free online courses take dead aim at this issue.

The six-part specialization, Social Marketing: How to Profit in a Digital World (@NUsocialmktg), launched on Coursera this fall. One of the university’s newest MOOCs—massive open online courses—the specialization is designed to teach entrepreneurs and executives how to engage with high-value target audiences and develop profitable social media strategies.


Learners around the world can enroll for free in the individual courses or enroll in the premium version of the six-part specialization for $79/MOOC or $426 for all six parts (five MOOCS plus a capstone project). Students who pay for the full specialization—and complete the assignments and capstone project—will earn the Northwestern University Specialization in Social Marketing Certificate.

Focus on Social ROI

“Only about 20% of companies worldwide say they have social programs that deliver bottom-line profit and ROI,” said Randy Hlavac (@RandyHlavac), the Northwestern University Medill IMC professor who is leading the course. “This course focuses on the strategies used by the most effective companies within that 20%. It describes the types of strategies that work and gives you the tools you need to go out an implement them in your organization.”

Hlavac, who teaches Digital, Social, and Mobile Marketing at Medill, is the author of the new book, Social IMC: Social Strategies with Bottom-Line ROI. He is also the coordinator of the Digital and Interactive Specialization at Medill and the director of the Medill IMC OmniChannel Initiative with IBM.

The course, which is open to and designed for business owners, executives, and marketing professionals around the world, will show students how to develop, deploy, and monetize a successful social media marketing plan. “It’s designed to teach you the strategies that are actually trackable and monetizable. Then it shows you how to go out and execute those strategies,” Hlavac said.

Structure of the Specialization

The specialization is made of up five MOOCs and cumulates with a capstone project. The MOOCs will cover:

MOOC 1: What is Social?

MOOC 2: The Importance of Listening

MOOC 3: Engagement & Nurture Marketing Strategies

MOOC 4: Content, Advertising & Social IMC

MOOC 5: The Business of Social

Lexalytics’ CMO Seth Redmore (@sredmore) is a featured faculty member in MOOC 2: “The Importance of Listening,” which helps students understand and gain a more complete picture of what can be learned from interactions on social sites.

Tools for Building Profitable Social Media Marketing

The course gives students the habits, expertise, and tools they need to become an expert in the social markets that are most valuable to their organizations.

“One of the things that makes this course so unique is that it’s going to be extremely hands-on,” Hlavac said. “We’re not going to talk about the theory of social media marketing; we’re going to have students go do it.”

This hands-on approach includes access to two social marketing toolkits: a free version and an upgraded one for students who pay for the premium version of the course ($79 per MOOC or $426 for all five MOOCs, a 10% discount). Containing items like advanced marketing and analytics tools, both kits will prove to be critical in developing a successful social strategy. The paid version, however, will include more value—longer review times, more advanced tools, special videos, and e-books—to justify the extra investment.

Another highlight of the course is the opportunity to learn not just from Hlavac and other Northwestern professors, but also from experts at some of the world’s most innovative companies and programs. See line-up of social media all-stars

“Rather than being a traditional lecture, the course is made up of conversations with experts in fields such as data analytics, infographics, gamification, blogging, and content marketing,” Hlavac said. “The conversations will examine the companies that are leading the way in using these tools to deliver bottom-line results.”

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