R Style Ninjas: New Lifestyle Site for R Enthusiasts

New R themed apparel site with several designs generated from R data visualizations. A portion of each purchase goes toward supporting R development.

By Christopher D. Cook, Jr., R Style Ninja

R-hand-signIn addition to being one of the most popular data software tools available and the 6th most popular software language with over 2 million users worldwide, R is also the 9th most frequent letter in the alphabet. American Sign Language depicts R with the index finger in front of the middle finger and the thumb crossed over. Moreover, the word “are” comes in at 22 on the list of most frequent English words, just after “have” and before “this”. In summary, there are a lot of Rs around!

Why are open source programming languages the best?

Because they R. As demonstrated, a number of clever phrases and sayings are ninja logopossible involving R. What about a shirt with one of those slogans? R Style Ninja is a new site with apparel items featuring those witty R sayings such as this one featuring the Rene Descartes function (he was an R user, right?):

I think, therefore I R

With the frequency of both the letter R and the word “are”, the possibilities for invention are ample, in fact, one may have already come to mind. Several more amusing R quips are found in the various apparel designs available on the site.

Data visualization is one of the strengths of R with many packages available for creating charts, graphs Donutsand other images with data. For example, take the the plot3D package from 2014 which was designed to produce 3D visualizations such as surface plots and perspective plots. The volumetric shapes generated are very interesting and with a bit of imagination, the torus 3D plot can be seen as a donut.

In keeping with the R open source ethos, the code which was used to produce the donut shapes with the plot3D package is available on the site. One never knows when a donut added to a report is is just the right touch. Other apparel designs including the ubiquitous smiley face employ visualizations with R code which is posted on the site and is openly available for use.

R user contributions

Across all areas of society, the growing group of R users are making an impact from commerce to medicine to government. Data-driven understanding is enriching our world and generating meaningful change. At the useR!2015 conference a researcher from Florida State University reported using spatial clustering analysis in R to predict tornado outbreaks. In Rockstar-tshirtanother example presented at the conference, engineers at Vestas Wind Systems were able to reduce downtime and improve green energy production using R and Hive.

R Style Ninja is committed to assisting with the growth of R open source software which is why a portion of every purchase goes to the R Foundation for Statistical Computing. With each purchase, R rockstars are increasing the reach of R open source software. CDCookJr

Chris is a business data analyst with an MBA degree from UC Irvine. His free time is spent generating random sample scores on the golf course.