CRN Top Business Analytics Vendors 2016

The CRN editorial team has released its annual Big Data 100 report for 2016. Check out which companies made the list of Business Analytics Vendors.

CRN Big Data 100The CRN editorial team recently released its fourth annual Big Data 100 report. Each year, the team compiles a report consisting of the most innovative product and service vendors in the Big Data realm, with the intent of helping steer solutions providers toward the most cutting-edge teams.

For simplicity, CRN also divides the report into three categories:

  • Business Analytics - Vendors offering reporting tools, complex data analysis tools, and everything in between
  • Platform and Tools - Vendors offering total cloud-based solutions, as well as hardware and software platforms and applications
  • Data Management Technologies - Vendors offering database software, data integration solutions, and everything in between

This post will focus on the CRN's top Business Analytics Vendors category for 2016. We will have a look at the vendors appearing, and, for each, will provide a concise description from the report.

Business analytics

Note that description excerpts and other vendor details are taken directly, and almost exclusively, from the report.

  • Algorithmia - Operates an online marketplace for big data algorithms that software developers use to assemble big data applications. Seattle, WA. Founded 2013.
  • Alpine Data Labs - Offers Chorus, an advanced, Hadoop-based data analytics platform that's used for analytical tasks in such areas as financial services and healthcare. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2011.
  • Alteryx - Develops "self-service" tools for data blending, business intelligence and advanced analytics, allowing data analysts to perform data preparation, combining and analysis tasks without assistance from the IT department. Irvine, CA. Founded 2010.
  • Arcadia Data - Develops analytics software that helps businesses overcome the problem of getting value out of Hadoop-stored data. San Mateo, CA.
  • Attivio - Markets software that helps users find information, including unstructured data, throughout their IT system and work with it for decision-making tasks. Newton, MA. Founded 2011.
  • Ayasdi - Develops machine intelligence software that automates the process of deriving insights from large, complex data sets. Menlo Park, CA. Founded 2008.
  • BeyondCore - Builds software designed to make business intelligence available to everyday business users with what the company calls "one-click automated business analysis." San Mateo, CA. Founded 2004.
  • Birst - Provides an end-to-end business intelligence platform built on a multitenant cloud architecture that offers a full range of data management and analytic capabilities. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2004.
  • ClearStory Data - Simplifies access to disparate internal and external data, including corporate and Web information sources such as Hadoop, relational databases and social media. Menlo Park, CA. Founded 2011.
  • CognitiveScale - Develops big data interpretation and machine learning systems for decision-making and customer engagement purposes. Austin, TX. Founded 2013.
  • Continuum Analytics - Develops Anaconda, an open-source analytics platform based on the Python programming language. Austin, TX. Founded 2011.
  • Datameer - Offers a complete business intelligence system with tools for data integration, preparation, analysis and visualization. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2009.
  • DataRPM - Provides its cognitive data science platform that automates machine learning in-cloud or on-premise, allowing businesses to build data systems for predictions and recommendations. Redwood City, CA. Founded 2012.
  • Domo - Delivers a SaaS-based system that executives and managers use to integrate information from disparate sources, including applications, databases, spreadsheets and more, for decision-making tasks. American Forks, Utah. Founded 2010.
  • Fuzzy Logix - Develops advanced in-database analytical software that accelerates analytical applications by eliminating the need for data extraction, middle-tier analytics servers and redundant storage. Charlotte, NC. Founded 2007.
  • Gainsight - Develops a series of business analysis applications used for customer retention tasks including managing the customer lifecycle, identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and managing customer loyalty and churn risks. Redwood City, CA. Founded 2011.
  • Glassbeam - Provides machine data analysis software and is taking aim squarely at the Internet of Things arena. Sunnyvale, CA. Founded 2009.
  • GoodData - Focuses on providing business intelligence tools for "data monetization" – the creation and distribution of valuable information and analytical insights to large networks of workers, partners and customers. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2007.
  • - Develops an open-source machine learning system for building analytical applications for everything from fraud detection to predicting customer churn. Mountain View, CA. Founded 2011.
  • Information Builders - Information Builders is a long-time player in the business intelligence industry, providing a range of business analytics, performance management, data integration, data quality and master data management software. New York, NY.
  • Insight Squared - Offers sales performance and marketing analytics applications designed for fast-growing technology companies. Boston, MA. Founded 2010.
  • Interana - Markets behavioral analytics software that works with event data, including information about how customers behave and how they use a company's product. Redwood City, CA. Founded 2013.
  • KNIME - Develops its popular open-source data mining and processing technology. Zurich, Switzerland. Founded 2004.
  • Kyvos Insights - Develops technology that provides a way to analyze the increasingly huge volumes of data being stored within Hadoop clusters. Los Gatos, CA. Founded 2012.
  • Lavastorm - Offers tools for easily building analytical applications that scale up and extract, prepare and analyze data across multiple sources. Boston, MA. Founded 2012.
  • Logi Analytics - Provides a Web-based reporting and data visualization platform that developers use to build business intelligence applications and dashboards and to embed BI functionality into existing applications. McLean, VA. Founded 2000.
  • Looker - Provides access to data that resides either in a database or in the cloud. Santa Cruz, CA. Founded 2011.
  • Luminoso Technologies - Developed technology that leverages machine learning and natural language processing to analyze text including emails, transcripts and social media posts. Cambridge, MA. Founded 2010.
  • Metric Insights - markets software that tracks key performance indicators across multiple data sources, SaaS applications, big data platforms, business intelligence dashboards and more and sends them to a user's desktop or mobile device. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2010.
  • Microsoft - Provides a broad range of business intelligence tools (from Excel to Power BI), data management (the SQL Server database) and platforms (Azure HDInsight, the vendor's cloud-based Hadoop system). Redmond, WA. Founded 1975.
  • MicroStrategy - The current MicroStrategy platform offers a wide range of capabilities including data discovery, enterprise reporting, visualizations and dashboards, advanced analytics, embedded BI and mobile BI applications. Tysons Corner, VA. Founded 1989.
  • Numerify - Track the performance of cloud-based IT services and systems, combining and analyzing data from IT sources, call centers, and HR and finance systems to help IT organizations lower costs and improve service levels. Cupertino, CA. Founded 2012.
  • Panorama Software - Develops the Panorama Necto business intelligence platform that provides analytics, reporting and dashboard capabilities. Toronto, Canada. Founded 1993.
  • Pentaho - Markets a unified data integration, visualization and business analytics platform. Orlando, FL. Founded 2004.
  • Platfora - Offers a big data discovery platform that's built natively on Apache Hadoop and Spark. San Mateo, CA.
  • Predixion Software - Develops Predixion Insight and Predixion IQ, collaborative predictive analytics platforms for business analysts and other non-technical users. Aliso Viejo, CA. Founded 2009.
  • Qlik - Produces self-service reporting and data visualization software with its QlikView and Qlik Sense products. Radnor, PA. Founded 1993.
  • Rapid Miner - Offers tools for building predictive analysis capabilities into an organization's business processes. Cambridge, MA. Founded 2007.
  • Ryft Systems - Develops hardware/software appliances that use the parallel processing power of FPGA processors to accelerate terabyte- and petabyte-scale data searches and analysis. Rockville, MD.
  • - The company dived into the business analytics arena in October 2014 with its cloud-based Wave Analytics platform and analytics applications, including the Lightning tool for reporting and dashboards. San Francisco, CA. Founded 1999.
  • SAP - Markets lines of analytics products that cover business intelligence and reporting, predictive analysis, performance management, and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) software. Walldorf, Germany. Founded 1972.
  • SAS - Markets a broad range of analysis tools including the SAS 9.4 platform, SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Enterprise Miner. Cary, North Carolina. Founded 1976.
  • SiSense - Develops a business intelligence platform that the company said simplifies complex data preparation, analysis and visualization tasks with its ability to combine and analyze multiple, large, disparate data sets and sharing the results using dashboards. New York, NY. Founded 2010.
  • Splunk - Specializes in "operational intelligence," offering analytical software that collects and analyzes machine data – everything from application logs and clickstream data, to sensor data and information from Internet of Things devices. San Francisco, CA. Founded 2003.
  • Sumo Logic - Provides a cloud-native machine data analytics service that the company says delivers real-time continuous intelligence across the entire application stack. Redwood City, CA. Founded 2010.
  • Tableau Software - Markets a line of interactive data visualization software for desktop, cloud, server and mobile deployments. Seattle, WA. Founded 2003.
  • ThoughtSpot - The company's ThoughtSpot Relational Search Appliance combines data from on-premise, cloud and desktop sources, and provides users with the ability to access that data with a simple search interface. Palo Alto, CA. Founded 2012.
  • Tibco - Markets a broad range of software products for integration, event processing, cloud computing and analytics – the latter including the company's Jaspersoft (reporting and business intelligence) and Spotfire (data visualization) software. Palo Alto, CA.
  • Wavefront - develops a real-time analytics platform that businesses use to monitor and manage the performance of their IT systems, from cloud services, to applications, to networks. Palo Alto, CA. Founded 2013.
  • Zoomdata - Develops big data analytics software, based on the company's Data Sharpening technique, for the visual analysis of real-time streaming and historical data. Reston, VA.

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