Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco, Jan 26-27 (KDnuggets Offer)

Discover advances in Deep Learning, NLP, speech recognition, image retrieval, virtual assistants, and more from leading researchers and industry at the Deep Learning Summit and Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco, 26-27 January. Use code KDNUGGETS to save 20%.

Will 2017 be the year of artificial intelligence? The past 12 months have seen huge advancements in machine learning and deep learning from AlphaGo beating Go grandmaster Lee Sedol to Andrew Ng sharing Baidu's stance on autonomous vehicles. 2017 will bring further progress in deep learning algorithms, as well as new applications in almost every industry, from autonomous vehicles to industrial automation to cancer diagnosis. It's vital to keep on top of the trends and gain a deep understanding of this rapidly advancing technology. 

Discover advances in natural language processing, speech recognition, image retrieval, virtual assistants, and more from the world's leading researchers and industry at the Deep Learning Summit and Virtual Assistant Summit in San Francisco, 26-27 January. 

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26 - 27 January 2017, San Francisco

Speakers include:
  • Shivon Zillis, Partner at Bloomberg - creator of the Machine Intelligence Landscape
  • Andrej Karpathy, Research Scientist at OpenAI - researching visualizing and understanding recurrent networks
  • Ofir Nachum, Brain Resident at Google - working on sequence-to-sequence models and reinforcement learning
  • Sergey Levine, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley - advancing deep robotic learning
  • Andrew Tulloch, Research Engineer at Facebook - working on deep learning models at Facebook
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26 - 27 January 2017, San Francisco

Speakers include:
  • Lionel Cordesses, Innovation Project Manager at Renault - developing a virtual personal assistant for the car
  • Arte Merritt, Co-Founder & CEO at - discussing the role of analytics in chatbots
  • Dennis Mortensen, CEO and Founder of - will share his insights on the emergence of truly intelligent agents and their impact on the nature of work
  • Anjuli Kannan, Software Engineer at Google - currently working on Smartreply: a text assistance feature recently introduced in Inbox
  • Alsonso Martinez, Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios - working on creating empathy in digital characters
View the agenda and further details here.  
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