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Submit your research to HF, the first and only interdisciplinary journal on high-frequency data questions, including HF data assimilation, analysis, and/or methods for decision-making.

Wiley High FrequencyHigh Frequency is the first and only highly interdisciplinary journal devoted to high-frequency data questions. This new journal invites papers from a wide array of disciplines, on questions including HF data assimilation, analysis, and/or methods for decision-making.

High Frequency promotes mathematical and statistical modelling, empirical studies, computational theory and design, with applications to many topics including finance, astronomy, seismology, various other areas of physics and geosciences, environmental sciences, imaging applications such as in neuroscience, and more.

To account for the highly interdisciplinary set of topics, High Frequency includes a special feature to facilitate the dissemination of its new ideas: articles with the best potential impact will include a summary and discussion intended for a wide audience, enabling readers unfamiliar with the paradigms of HF analysis, and indeed any members of the public with an interest in science and technology, to appreciate these new directions.

By submitting your research for publication in High Frequency, you will benefit from:
  • The experience of a prestigious editorial board, with two renowned Editors-in-Chief: Ionut Florescu, Stevens Institute of Technology; Frederi Viens, Michigan State University, USA
  • Global visibility through Wiley Online Library, with your research available in over 5,000 institutions around the world
  • Increased discoverability and reach with the enhanced PDF
  • Your research being accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device with the responsive HTML
  • Easy submission process through ScholarOne Manuscripts Online
  • A publisher with over 200 years' experience, with an array of tools and support to help get your research seen, read and cited.
Be part of the first journal to support emerging research and future scientific developments in this rapidly growing field of high frequency.

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