Top 15 Master of Data Science Programs You May Want To Consider

Top MS of Data Science Programs in the US - on-campus and online that teach you how to humanize data and what you can do to make a difference in your company.

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The Top 15 Master of Data Science Programs in the U.S that teach you how to humanize data and what you can do to make a difference in your company.

Find a Master of Data Science program can be tough. We’ve put together 15+ programs you may want to consider.

Whether you’re working full-time or interested in going to school again full-time, you have many options when it comes to getting an online master of data science degree. Online master of data science degree programs create the opportunity to finish your degree in the comfort of your own home. Many of them are two-year programs or less!

Columbia University – On Campus

The Master of Science in Data Science allows students to apply data science techniques to their field of interest, building on four foundational courses offered in the Certification of Professional Achievement in Data Sciences program.

New York University – On Campus

The Master of Science in Data Science is a highly-selective program for students with a strong background in mathematics, computer science, and applied statistics. The degree focuses on the development of new methods for data science.

The University of Scranton – Online

With the online Master of Science in Health Informatics (MSHI) from The University of Scranton, you will make well-informed, data-driven healthcare decisions that keep patient-centered care at the forefront of the constantly evolving medical field. The degree program is focused on developing an integrative approach to patient care and will equip you with interdisciplinary tools in the healthcare informatics field.

Utica College – Online

The Utica College Data Science master’s program emphasizes analysis of data within a social context, thereby leading students to more thoughtful application of their analytical findings.

Learn how to understand and analyze data to gain valuable insights that can lead to creative solutions and positive change for business, health care, education, and more with Utica’s 100% online MS in Data Science.

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Saint Mary’s University – Online

“There’s an urgent need for individuals who can adapt to the realities of big-data. Companies want to know how you’re able to humanize it to various stakeholders, and what you can do when faced with imperfect data,” says Michael Ratajczyk, Saint Mary’s University’s MSBIDA Program Director.“They want solutions, not excuses.”

Designed as a 12-month online master’s program, Saint Mary’s University’s online Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (MSBIDA) degree is an experiential program that delivers data governance and visualization skills that hiring managers notice immediately.

Nottingham Trent University (International) – Online

This industry-led Data Analytics MBA includes modules from Nottingham Trent University’s School of Science and Technology and Nottingham Business School, provides a course of study that meets data and business skills needs of today’s employers.

Developed specifically to fulfill the needs of employers, this course will give you the analytical and technical skills needed to maximize the big data revolution. you will learn new analytics tools and skills allowing you to develop a more comprehensive understanding of your data.

Saint Joseph’s University- Online

Saint Joseph’s University’s Master of Science in Business Intelligence and Analytics AACSB-accredited and SAS-endorsed program prepares students to be leaders in their organizations who can leverage organizational knowledge and find success in their data.

Ranked as a Top Online Graduate Program (#45, US News & World Report), the program develops professionals who drive organizational performance in all functional areas by using data to establish opportunities, gain competitive advantage, identify effective strategies, and improve decision-making.

Lewis University – Online

Build your skill set in data mining, data visualization, predictive analysis and data management with Lewis University’s online MS in Data Science degree. Students will have the opportunity to leverage cutting-edge cloud computing resources and use an array of techniques and theories such as linear algebra and distributed storage and processing — all to identify trends and solve problems with big data.

Cornell University – On Campus

The Master of Professional Studies: Data Science puts more emphasis on computer science, high-performance computing, databases, middleware, and scripting. The program can be completed in two semesters by a well-prepared student with the equivalent of an undergraduate degree in statistics, applied mathematics, engineering or computer science.

Carnegie Mellon University – On Campus

The Master’s of Computational Data Science program equips you with the skills and knowledge you need to develop the layers of technology involved in the next generation of massive information system deployments and analyze the data those systems generate.

University of California Berkeley – Online

Now you can earn a degree in data science from anywhere in the world. The UC Berkeley School of Information offers a professional Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS) delivered online.

Arizona State University – Online or On Campus

The explosion of Big Data has reached every part of the global economy and there are remarkable opportunities for business analytics specialists. In only nine months, the W. P. Carey Master of Science in Business Analytics (MS-BA) prepares you for the dynamic, expanding world of data-driven analysis and strategic business decision-making

Syracuse University – Online

Data Science at Syracuse offers an online M.S. in Applied Data Science designed for professionals who are interested in practical applications of data science to gain insights from data to drive business strategies.

Illinois Institute of Technology – Online or On Campus

In Illinois Tech’s Master of Data Science program, you learn to explore data using high-level mathematics, statistics, and computer science. In particular, you learn how to analyze data, visualize your results, and articulate your discoveries. You will leave the program with the ability to think about the real problems that need to be solved, not to simply find technical solutions

Stanford University – On Campus

The Master of Science in Statistics: Data Science track develops strong mathematical, statistical, and computational and programming skills through the general master’s core and programming requirements, in addition to providing fundamental data science education through general and focused electives requirement from courses in data sciences and related areas.

Southern Methodist University – Online

The Master of Science in Data Science program prepares you to understand, manage and analyze large data sets, and you will benefit from SMU’s connection to global business communities across a range of industries. With this innovative online program, SMU is bringing its world-class education to students everywhere.

Indiana University – Online or On Campus

Indiana University’s Master of Science in Data Science program offers four different ways of advancing your career through our Data Science program. The 30-credit M.S. degree can be taken in person, online, or in a blended version with both residential and online components. Certificates are available solely online.

Merrimack College- Online

To earn your Master of Science in Data Science degree, you will complete the 8 courses for a total of 32 credit hours. Classes are offered through a collaboration between the School of Engineering and the School of Business ensure your skills in both coding/development and business are aligned as you learn. Most students will finish their master’s degree in 15 months.

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