What Python editors or IDEs you used the most in 2018?

Vote in the new KDnuggets Poll - what are your favorite Python editors or IDEs?

Our new poll is motivated by a recent KDnuggets blog What is the Best Python IDE for Data Science? which received a lot of views and comments, as did my LinkedIn post of that blog.

Python To help resolve the debate about which are the most popular Python IDEs or editors, we ask
What Python Editors or IDEs you used the most in 2018?

Please vote below (choose at most 3) and also indicate your employment type.

We will analyze and publish the results in about 2 weeks.

Yes, we know that many of you prefer R and RStudio and we will run a separate poll about R later (you can post your R IDEs nominations in the comments).

This poll is closed, but poll results coming soon!