Why Applied MSc in Data Engineering? Data Engineers are in greater demand than Data Scientists

2 graduate programmes now available at Data ScienceTech Institute in France: Applied MSc in Data Engineering Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, with enterprise level certifications included in each. There is a 100% conversion to an internship and 90% to a job contract.

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The 1st Applied School in Data Science
& Big Data in France

New Programme: Applied MSc in Data Engineering

For one Data Scientist, there is a need for at least 2 Data Engineers!

We have launched a new Applied MSc designed to open your career to these Big Data Engineering jobs all industries are looking for. Why? Because there is an important shortage of Big Data experts and companies in various sectors suffer from this. In fact, Data Engineers are in Greater Demand than Data Scientists.

Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence programme

Why did you decide to change your career field to Data Science ?

I was suddenly faced with an enormous amount of data that could not be analysed by the "traditional tools" know to me. For example, the whole-genome sequencing of a single person will generate approximately 200 gigabytes of raw information. This fact led me to start exploring new ways to analyse my data, and before I knew it, I had embraced the world of Data Science.


Data Science VS Data Engineering

Still hesitating between the Data Science and Data Engineering programme? Read our infographic for more details.

  6 months of classes                5 hours per day             On-Campus & Online
& 6 months of internship

Are you looking for a programme where you can study and work at the same time? Learn more about the SPOC mode that allows you to keep your job and part-time. 

We are meeting the industrial world expectations

2-enterprise level certifications are included in each Applied MSc programme. There is a 100% conversion to an internship and 90% to a job contract.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - AssociateSAS  Certified Predictive Modeler

SAS  Certified Predictive Modeler

Cloudera Certified Data Engineer

The Latest News

Image Classification MNIST using GPU

by Rohan Chaudhari - Autumn 2017 cohort, Data Scientist at VINCI Autoroutes

The MNIST database (Modified National Institute of Standards and Technology database) is a large database of handwritten digits that is commonly used for training various image processing systems. 


This week's class
Metaheuristics Optimisation with Dr Amir Nakib

Dr Amir Nakib published several papers in international journals, book chapters, papers in proceedings of international conferences, and 3 edited books. His research in LISSI laboratory focused on the design of Metaheuristics to medical image processing. 
Watch his video on: How to select the best algorithm in data science?


ONLINE EVENT | Discuss with an alumni !

It will be the opportunity to meet Nehmy Forbin, an alumni from the Applied MSc in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence - Autumn 2017 Cohort. Before joining DSTI, he used to be a Lieutenant in the French Air Force and was in charge of all forecasting for French aircrafts. Nehmy will share with you his experience, some tips and tell you more about his current job. 
This event is LIVE, interactive, and NOT pre-recorded. 


Applications for the Spring 2019 intake are open !

Starting date: March 18th 2019

Free bonus: A 10-day Bootcamp


Student success story

"DSTI's course and syllabus are continuously evolving according to the needs of the industry and the school makes sure that its students receive the best of the knowledge in the field of analytics that makes them highly employable."

- Vishnu Indramohan, Automation Specialist at Facebook Dublin

Are you a fresh, bright young graduate or an experienced professional? 
We are totally confident our Applied MSc programme you will choose will put all your brain cogs in action!

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