Shaping the new digital age – with SAS and Microsoft

Join technology experts, partners and analysts in the industry for this webinar series to see how SAS Viya can help you make the most of AI, analytics and the cloud for faster decisions and trusted results.

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Sas Viya Webinar Series

Every industry is in a state of transformation. Digital technology is reshaping how organizations manage and act on data, think about innovation and interact with customers.

AI has enabled organizations to automate once time-consuming tasks. Advanced in analytics uncovers insights from massive amounts of complex data. And cloud technology has given organizations the freedom and scalability to realize value faster than ever.

Now SAS and Microsoft are joining forces to help define the future of these powerful and emerging technologies through a unified analytic platform not seen anywhere else in the market. By bringing analytics, AI and cloud computing together, the two companies will help organizations forge a successful path to digital transformation.

As the leader in analytics, SAS has made it easier to access SAS® Viya®, its cloud-native AI, analytic and data management platform, by optimizing it to run seamlessly on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

In addition to providing customers access to powerful SAS analytics, it provides container orchestration managed by Azure Kubernetes, IT administration with MS Tools and seamless access to the Azure Data Estate.

This helps customers democratize analytics throughout their organizations, while seamlessly managing analytic workloads and building SAS into a variety of applications.

From data scientists, IT departments, business analysts and developers – SAS users will ultimately benefit from an improved customer experience. And enterprises will benefit from being able to make more trusted decisions.

When SAS and Microsoft bring together what they each do best, the potential for real transformative change for our customers is practically limitless.