eBook: How to use third-party data to make smarter decisions

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Using third-party data to make smarter decisions
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Your business is reliant on data. The insights gained by using third-party data to complement your internal data can help you make smarter decisions. AWS Data Exchange can accelerate that capability. To help, we put together an eBook of our technical blogs that focus on using data from third-party providers to make informed decisions faster.

Using real-world examples and step-by-step instructions, you will learn how AWS Data Exchange can be leveraged and deployed by customers to optimize efficiency, minimize costs, and accelerate business outcomes.
This eBook will help you learn how you can use data for:
Real-world third-party data and algorithms to train custom machine-learning (ML) models.
Creating dashboards using highly localized COVID-19 data that impacts operational decision-making.
Proprietary and third-party data to support point of sale (POS), supply chain, human resources, customer loyalty, and other business functions.
Solving regulatory reporting challenges related to data ownership, governance, and lineage.
Take a closer look at how AWS Data Exchange can help you make more informed business decisions with data sets coupled with advanced analytics and machine learning.
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