KDnuggets Top Blogs Rewards for August 2021

These top blogs were winners of KDnuggets Top Blog Rewards Program for August: Automate Microsoft Excel and Word Using Python,

Top Blog RewardsKDnuggets Top Blog Rewards Program now has the winners for the month of August - congratulations to all winners below! Here are the top 6 blogs published in August 2021 whose authors will share the $2,000 (USD) reward amount:

  1. Automate Microsoft Excel and Word Using Python, by Mohammad Khorasani
  2. The Difference Between Data Scientists and ML Engineers, by Kurtis Pykes
  3. Most Common Data Science Interview Questions and Answers, by Nate Rosidi
  4. 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Linear Regression Models Instead of Neural Networks, by Terence Shin
  5. Django's 9 Most Common Applications, by Aakash Bijwe
  6. Learning Data Science and Machine Learning: First Steps After The Roadmap, by Harshit Tyagi

We started the rewards program to encourage more high-quality and especially original (unpublished) contributions to KDnuggets.

For each month, beginning in May 2021, we determine 6 most viewed blogs published on KDnuggets that month (excluding blogs by KDnuggets Editors Matthew Mayo and Gregory Piatetsky), and distribute $2,000 (USD) among the authors of these top blogs.

While we appreciate and publish the reposts, the goal of this program is to get more great original (not published previously) articles, which will be rewarded at the rate of 3X the reposts.

Note: An original submission first published on KDnuggets may be reposted elsewhere two weeks after KDnuggets publication, provided there is a link to KDnuggets blog and text "Originally published on KDnuggets".

Here are the details on KDnuggets Top Blogs Reward Program .

To submit a blog to KDnuggets, please follow the submission guidelines.