A Complete Collection of Data Science Free Courses – Part 1

The first part covers the list of Programming, Web scraping, Statistics & Probability, Data Analytics, SQL, and Business Intelligence free courses.

A Complete Collection of Data Science Free Courses - Part 1
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Editor's note: For the full scope of the data science courses included in this 2-part series, please see A Complete Collection of Data Science Free Courses - Part 2.


Note: The Coursera courses mentioned in the blog can be audited for free, meaning that you have access to all the course content without any cost.




Programming is an essential part of your data science journey. If you know how to code in R, Python, or Julia, it will be quite easy for you to translate algorithms into functions. Moreover, you will learn better techniques to create a program or data reports. 

I will highly recommend you start with Python and learn the basic syntax and advanced functionalities. After that, you can move to R for better statistical analysis or Julia for better performance. 











Web Scraping


Web Scraping is an essential part of data and business analysts' jobs. It is part of a take-home assignment where the hiring manager will ask to scrap the data from the website and create a fully automated dashboard. 

The courses below will teach you to scrape and clean HTML data using Beautiful Soup and help you create fully automated web scraping bots using Selenium. 


Statistics and Probability


After programming, the most important thing is the knowledge of Statistics and Probability. You need to understand these AI / Machine Learning models are based on probabilistic and statistical algorithms. To use them properly, you need to understand how they work and how you can optimize them for your unique cases. 

The list of courses will teach you the basics of statistics and probability and introduce you to statistical analysis, Z-score, and probabilities.


Data Analytics


The core part of a data scientist's job is to analyze the data, and it is divided into multiple parts. You start with data acquisition, data cleaning, data manipulation, data visualizations, data modeling, and reporting. 

The list of courses will teach you SQL, data processing and visualization, machine learning, statistical techniques, and understanding data.




Every data scientist and analyst must know how to run SQL queries and how to use SQL for running simple analytical tasks. Why? Most companies do not work with CSV or Excel files, they have SQL databases where SQL queries allow you to retrieve and manipulate data from relational databases quickly and easily. 

The list of courses below will teach you the basic syntax, SQL joins, SQL aggregations, subqueries and temp tables, SQL data cleaning, and window functions.


Business Intelligence


Business Intelligence is important for understanding business and customer behavior, how you can improve your product and service, and staying ahead of your competitors. 

You will be learning about Power BI and Tableau, the most popular business Intelligence software for collecting, analyzing, and presenting business data in a way that helps people make better decisions.




Compared to expensive boot camps and certification, free courses can help you save money and time. Most of them are short courses that help you learn the basics and if you want to learn more, you can opt for a certification program. So, instead of taking boot camp and realizing that you are not fit for it, you will learn the basics for free. 

In the first part, we have looked at the top free courses on programming, web scraping, statistics & probability, data analytics, SQL, and business intelligence. 

I hope you like my list, and if you have free course suggestions, please write them in the comment sections. Thank you.  

In the next part, we will cover:

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Deep Learning
  3. Computer Vision
  4. Natural Language Processing
  5. Data Engineering
  6. MLOps

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