5 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT’s Code Interpreter For Data Science

With a Code Interpreter, ChatGPT can now write and execute Python code to automate complex data tasks and generate visualization.

5 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT's Code Interpreter For Data Science
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With the code interpreter integration, ChatGPT can now write and execute Python code within a sandboxed environment to provide more accurate and precise answers. This allows it to perform complex calculations, generate visualizations, and more through code execution rather than just text prediction. Users can upload data files for the code to process and receive back results like output files. In general, the code interpreter feature minimizes errors that are often seen in big language models, and significantly broadens ChatGPT's abilities from data visualization to producing animations.

In this blog, we will explore five simple ways to use ChatGPT's code interpreters for data science tasks and projects with examples.


1. Data Analysis


ChatGPT has remarkable capabilities for data analysis in Python. With its new Code interpreter integration, it can now execute Python code and return results. It can even generate interactive visualization with animations. 

Provide a CSV file, and ChatGPT will generate data visualizations and summary statistics and even process the data. All it takes is a natural prompt describing your desired analysis. 

The combination of ChatGPT's natural language understanding and its ability to run Python code unlocks quick and automated data analysis for non-technical managers.


5 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT's Code Interpreter For Data Science
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2. Data Cleaning


Data cleaning can be one of the most tedious tasks for data scientists. Manually cleaning CSV files or writing custom Python scripts is time-consuming. However, ChatGPT's new capabilities streamline the process. Its integration with the Code Interpreter enables automated data cleaning with simple conversational prompts.

For example, provide ChatGPT a CSV file and ask it to analyze the data quality. ChatGPT will inspect the data frame, identify issues like missing values, and suggest solutions. The assistant can now thoroughly investigate hundreds of columns this way. ChatGPT will even generate custom Python functions to implement its recommended data-cleaning steps. 


5 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT's Code Interpreter For Data Science
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3. Mathematical


ChatGPT has expanded capabilities for understanding technical documents like research papers. Simply provide a PDF or image of equations, and its integrated OCR will extract and comprehend the mathematical content.

For example, upload a paper explaining a new machine learning technique. Ask ChatGPT to solve the key equations and walk through the derivations step-by-step. Code Interpreter can parse complex formulae from image files and PDFs, do the math, and explain the meaning behind equations in plain language.


5 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT's Code Interpreter For Data Science
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4. Convert files


Bring your data to life with this innovative feature. Simply upload a CSV file containing the locations of lighthouses across Europe. Code Interpreter will automatically generate an animated map, with each lighthouse twinkling like a star against a dark background. 

The possibilities don't stop there. Easily convert your CSV files into Excel spreadsheets for additional analysis. Or upload an image file, which Code Interpreter will turn into a unique GIF animation.


5 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT's Code Interpreter For Data Science
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5. Diagrams


ChatGPT provides helpful answers in the form of text. Using Code Interpreter allows the information to be visually represented. For example, generating Venn Diagrams is particularly beneficial when seeking commonalities among multiple topics.

Struggling to find common ground across multiple topics? Effortlessly create a Venn diagram highlighting the intersections. Planning a new system architecture? Code Interpreter renders it as a professional workflow chart. Teaching complex concepts? Engage students with customized diagrams that illustrate key points.


5 Ways You Can Use ChatGPT's Code Interpreter For Data Science
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ChatGPT is increasingly becoming the go-to platform for all data-related issues. With a simple prompt, users can generate data analytics reports, solve complex problems, mathematical equations, convert files, and create Venn diagrams. ChatGPT's natural language capability and ability to execute Python code make it accessible to anyone for performing technical and complex tasks.




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