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  • Exclusive Interview: Ajay Bhargava, TCS on the Ideal Analytics Curriculum at Graduate-level

    We discuss the differences between analytics and Big Data, the evolution of expectations from data science, important qualities desired in data scientists, ideal curriculum for Analytics focused programs, advice and more.

  • Exclusive Interview: Ajay Bhargava, TCS shares the Big Data Mantra: Harness Data and Harvest Value

    We discuss how to tame Big Data through harnessing data and harvesting value, the top Big Data priorities in Insurance sector, short-term and long-term needs of Healthcare Analytics, and more.

  • Top stories for Aug 31 – Sep 6

    Sibyl: Google system for Large Scale Machine Learning; Four main languages for Analytics; Cartoon: Robot Labor Day 2050; Exclusive: Ajay Bhargava, TCS shares the Big Data Mantra.

  • 10 reasons why I love data and analytics

    As data science getting more and more traction in all the major industries. So, in this new, exciting and challenging field there are lots of opportunities. Here are few reasons why you should be a part of this.

  • Is Analytics Career Right for You?

    An analytical way to decide whether you should pursue a career in analytics. We shared some economic ways to getting started and mind-set required for entering into this exciting field.

  • Big Data Bootcamp, Austin: Day 2 Highlights

    Highlights from the presentations by Big Data and Analytics leaders/consultants on day 2 of Big Data Bootcamp in Austin.

  • Interview: Nicholas Marko, Geisinger on the Groundwork for Big Data Success

    We discuss Big Data & Analytics at Geisinger Health System, CDO challenges, and impact of Big Data on decision making at executive level.

  • The Analytics of Digital Transformation, according to TCS

    Lipika Dey, in this interview before her talk at next month's LT-Accelerate conference, discusses consumer and market analytics and techniques to extract actionable information from text and social media data.

  • Predictive Analytics in Health Care: Helping to Navigate Uncertainties and Change

    Predictive analytics can help navigate the many coming changes in US healthcare, including aging population, less money, impact of ACA (Obamacare) - especially on pharmaceutical and medical supplies, the R&D process, investment and new product launches.

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