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WorldData.AI Database – KDnuggets Partnership

Brookline, MA & Houston, Texas: KDnuggets and WorldData.AI signed a partnership agreement to empower data science community with the billions of curated External Data, News Sentiment, and Geo Intelligence for Data Science and AI initiatives.

Under the partnership agreement, KDnuggets community members and readers will now have access to the WorldData.AI Partners Plan at no cost, including access to some of the premium datasets only available to enterprise members. Access to such extensive external data will allow them to connect their internal data with over 3.5 billion World Data and enhance their predictive intelligence.

All KDnuggets subscribers have received the special code for free access to WorldData.AI Partners Plan.

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WorldData.AI, the world’s largest external curated data platform, integrates data from all leading global sources. WorldData.AI database includes data on News Sentiments & Entity Analysis from a global news source, Global Geo-intelligence, billions of time series data covering data on Agriculture, Climate Change, Community, Demographics, Education, Energy (Oil & Gas), Environment, Natural Resources, Financial Market, Healthcare, Industry & Services, Labor Statistics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Politics, Population, Social Conditions, Science & Technology, Trade Macro Statistics, and Transportation. See more details below.

News AI, Sentiments

AI Analyzes News Generated by All Leading News Sources Globally and Provides News Sentiments and Entity Analysis of The News, Along with Raw News.


Comprehensive Data on Agriculture Markets, Crops, Fishery, Cattle, Forestry, Prices, Land Use, Fertilizer Use, Sustainable Farming, Organic Crops and Many More.

Climate Change, Weather

200 Years of Global Historical Weather Data, Forecasts, Land and Marine Weather Include Temperature, Rainfall, Snow, Soil, Swell Height, Wind and Many More.

Community, Demographics

Most Comprehensive Demographic Data Curated and Collected from Census Bureaus, Statistical Offices, Surveys and International Sources.


Comprehensive Data on Measures of Education System, Attainment, Enrolment, Human Development Indicators, Literacy Rate, Books Per Capita, Student Debt and Cost Structure, Competitive Exams.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Contains Data on Oil and Gas, Coal, Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind, Biomass and Biofuels Production, Consumption, Forecasts, Supply and Capacity.


Environment, Natural Resources

Comprehensive Data on Environment and Natural Resources Including Emission, Mines, Mining Capacity, Waste Management and Many More.

Financial Market

Contains Data on Mergers and Acquisitions, Venture Funding, Financial Markets, Commodity Markets, Bonds, Options, and Futures.



Comprehensive Health Data on Diseases, Health Facility and Infrastructure, Health Insurance, Mortality, Abortion, Infectious Diseases, and Health Issues.


Industry and Services

Comprehensive Data on Construction, Government Procurement, Industrial and Manufacturing Capacity, Producer Prices, Information Technology, Entertainment, Retail and Other Industries.


Labor Statistics

Comprehensive Data on Executive Pay, County-Level Workforce Indicators, Jobs Opening and Layoffs, Earnings, Wages Labor Cost, Occupational Accidents, Employment and Unemployment.


Macroeconomics, Finance

Comprehensive Country and Regional Macroeconomic Data on Economic Outlook, Indicators, GDP, GNI, Shadow Economy, Housing Prices, Debt Ratio, Disposable Income, Recession, Inflation and Others.


Comprehensive Political Data on World Bureaucracy and Governance Indicators, Press Freedom, and Individual and Organization Monetary Contributions Made Towards Election Campaigns.


Population, Social Conditions

Comprehensive Data on Terrorism, Gun Violence, Migration, Citizenship, Gender Equality, Literacy and Human Development Indicators, Social Policy, Sustainable Development and Many More.


Science & Technology

Comprehensive Data on Sustainable Development Indicators, Global Competitiveness Report and Many Others.


Trade Macro Statistics

Most Comprehensive Data on Trade for Countries By 6 Digit HS Codes (Detailed Commodity Groups), Trade Advantage of Each Country, Trade Competitive Index, and Port Level Data.



Comprehensive Data on Transportation Infrastructure Including Road, Rail, Airlines and Traffic Collected and Curated from Transportation Bureaus, Eurostat, Office of Highway Policy and Many More.


Contains Details Intelligence on Road Infrastructure, Traffic, Demographics, Point of Interest and other relevant Data By Latitude and Longitude at a Micro Level.

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