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KDnuggetsTM News 05:n19, Oct 11, 2005

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  1. New: KDnuggets Forums (bulletin boards), for Beginners and Experts
  2. Poll Results: Data Mining on Parallel Computers
  3. New Poll: Using Real-time Data for Predicting Customer Behaviour
  4. KDD Cup 2005 Winners
  5. KDD 2005 Awards
  6. World's largest data mining conference showcases new trends, theories, best practices
  7. Pattern recognition competition
  8. Problems seeing www.kdnuggets.com ?
  1. Get started with Oracle Data Mining self-study tutorial (Free)
  1. Auckland, New Zealand: Data miner at Datamine
  2. Bloomington, IL, USA: Modeler / Statistician at State Farm
  3. Dublin, Ireland: Data Mining Analyst at Idiro
  4. Redmond, WA, USA: Multiple positions for Platform to help understand users intent at Microsoft
  5. Dulles, VA, USA: System Architect at AOL
  6. Bellevue, WA, USA: Statistician at Boeing, Phantom Works (PW)
  7. Irvine, CA, USA: Lead Software Engineer/Lead Research Programmer at CalIT2: Calif. Inst. of Telecom. and Information Technology
  1. 2006-2007 IBM Herman Goldstine Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship
  1. Eric King on How to Buy Data Mining
  1. Apollo Data Technologies Develops Store Clustering and Predictive Models
  2. PDF Registers Big Customer Win With Elpida
  3. Cornell gets $2M NSF grant for social science research tools, using Web archive
  4. DIAGNOS data mining used for Baggage Security Screening
  5. Jim Hendler Joins Cerebra Technology Advisory Board
  6. New Open Content Alliance (OCA) from Yahoo, Internet Archive, and others
  7. The End Of the Size Wars?
  8. Stephen Brobst on Data mining: An Algorithm as a Pickax
  1. Book chapters: KDD Challenges and Realities with Real World Data, due Nov 1 (chapter proposals)
    PaRMa'06: Pattern Representation and Management, due Dec 13
    Call for Chapters: Data Mining Patterns: New Methods and Applications, due Dec 15
    ISI-2006: Intelligence and Security Informatics, due Jan 20
Solutions nearly always come from the direction you least expect, which means there's no point in trying to look in that direction because it wont be coming from there. -

Douglas Adams

KDnuggets : News : 2005 : n19

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