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Guest Blogs

We write about AI, Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning, and look for a few high quality blogs to bring to our readers. KDnuggets reached over 800,000+ unique monthly visitors in 2021 and currently has over 450K+ subscribers and followers across many channels. Our readers are mainly Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Engineers, their managers and directors, consultants, students and researchers who want to improve their Data Science and Machine Learning skills and knowledge.

We prefer original (unpublished) submissions, but will also consider reposts - blogs previously published.

Top BlogKDnuggets Top Blogs Reward program resumes bigger and better in December 2021, with $3,000 (USD) distributed to top 8 most-viewed guest blogs published each month. Original blogs will be rewarded at the rate 3x of reposts, so consider submitting your original blog to KDnuggets first!

We accept only a small fraction of all submissions, with preference given to most interesting, original, and technically sound blogs, which have insightful takeaways ("nuggets"), supported by references and visually appealing images / charts / data visualizations.

See recent examples at our Opinions or Tutorials pages and most popular content at Top stories.

Please email relevant submissions - to submissions and follow submission guidelines below.

Submission guidelines

  • Put guest blog: your blog title in the subject line.
  • Send either a link to already published blog, or an original blog in Microsoft Word, HTML, Google Docs or a draft on medium. HTML should not have javascript or embedded images (data:image).
  • A typical guest blog should be 300 to 1200 words (longer blogs can be considered if especially interesting). We suggest including 2-3 interesting images up to 700x500 pixels, each image file size < 100 KB. We do not recommend larger images since they slow down the page loading.
  • include a suggested summary (~ 2-3 lines, up to 200 characters including spaces),
  • include 4-5 suggested Tags (see current KDnuggets tags)
  • include a brief author bio and author URL: your Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn page that you want linked to your author name.
  • We expect an opinion to be supported by facts, links, and references. A submission without at least 3 external supporting links or references will be rejected.
    Links in author bio or to the author company do not count.
  • A guest blog should not promote one particular product.
    Specifically, we do not accept guest blogs on Azure certifications or other certifications tied to one company, but such blogs can be considered as paid promotions.
    It is fine to mention one specific commercial product or service, but if you do, then you should also mention 3 or more similar products or services.

Repost policy for original submissions

Once the original blog is published in KDnuggets, the authors are welcome to repost it 2 weeks after the KDnuggets publication date, provided they include the link to KDnuggets blog and text "Originally published in KDnuggets".


For code, please wrap all pre-formatted code segments in <pre></pre> tags. Alternatively, use Github gists for code hosting, and include the gist URL in your submission where appropriate, and we can embed the code in your post.

Equations and Math

For equations, you can use a service for formatting and displaying LaTeX. It works by making an API call with the formatted LaTeX, which is then returned as an image. A call is wrapped in an tag, and looks like this:

<img alt="Equation" 

For example Latex code U^{\pi }(s) produces

You can also go here to do online equation editing. For more complex equations you can do screen capture and include those as images.

KDnuggets reserves the right to edit all submissions for length and to correct errors/typos.

We may modify the titles of selected articles, in consultation with authors, to improve their appeal to KDnuggets readers.

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