Submissions Guidelines

Thinking about submitting to KDnuggets? We would love to have a look! Please take a minute to familiarize yourself with the guidelines below.

Submitted Articles

KDnuggets covers AI, Big Data, Data Science, and Machine Learning, and we are always interested in high quality articles from the community to bring to our readers.

KDnuggets reached over 800,000+ unique monthly visitors in 2021 and currently has over 450K+ subscribers and followers across social media. Our readers are mainly Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Engineers, their managers and directors, consultants, students and researchers who want to improve their Data Science and Machine Learning skills and knowledge.

KDnuggets focuses on original content exclusively and will consider for publication articles which have previously not been published elsewhere. Note that KDnuggets does not consider for publication articles previously published elsewhere.

The KDnuggets review process includeds checking for plagiarism and the use of AI text-generation models. KDnuggets does not accept for publication submissions that were written by/using LLMs such as, but not limited to, ChatGPT or GPT3.

We accept only a small fraction of all submissions, with preference given to most interesting, original, and technically sound articles of general interest, which have insightful takeaways ("nuggets"), supported by references and visually appealing visualizations.

You can see recent examples of our most popular content at Top Posts.

Please email relevant submissions to submissions at and follow submission guidelines below.

Submission Guidelines & Requirements

  • Put Article submission: your article title in the subject line
  • Send a link to your submitted article in Google Docs (strongly preferred), or Microsoft Word or HTML
  • A suggested summary (~2-3 lines, up to 200 characters including spaces)
  • Suggested categorization topic (see the current KDnuggets topics in the menu at the top of the page under Topics)
  • If it is your first time submitting, a brief 1-3 sentence author bio, including links to your preferred social media or web presences you would like included; we suggest Twitter, LinkedIn or personal webpage at minimum


If you are using an image from another platform (Medium), make sure you have permission. If not, source from royalty-free image sites (such as Freepik, Pexels, Unsplash, etc.) or create your own images.


The best way to add code is to copy and paste or add a GitHub gist and include the gist URL in your submission where appropriate, and we can embed the code in your post. Please do not send blogs with a screenshot of code blocks. Please avoid adding smaller images of code output. Try to use ">>>" to show the output. If the output is visualization only, then add an image.


For equations, you can use a service for formatting and displaying LaTeX. Use this free tool for creating mathematical equations from LaTeX markup. Use the buttons to create an equation, and then copy-paste the code into your document. For more complex equations you can do screen capture and include those as images.

Additional Considerations

  • If you are using MS Word or Google docs, make sure you are not adding bullet marks to headings as it doesn't translate well on our end.
  • Limit your blogs to Heading 1 and Heading 2.
  • Nested bullet points are highly discouraged. You can use it, but it won't translate better on the site.
  • Most of the top-performing blogs have multiple headings with smaller easy-to-read sentences. Avoid writing longer sentences.
  • If you have a special request for the editors, please use Google docs comments to communicate them so that everyone can see them.

Also note that a submitted article should not promote one particular product, service, or company. In particular, we do not accept guest articles that promote certifications or training tied to one company (this includes using stealth links to a company or affiliate online resource), but such articles can be considered as paid promotions. It is fine to mention one specific commercial product or service, but if you do then you must also mention 2 or more similar products or services.

KDnuggets reserves the right to edit all submissions for length and to correct errors/typos.

We may modify the titles of selected articles, in consultation with authors, to improve their appeal to KDnuggets readers.