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  • Python for Machine Learning: Learn Python from Machine Learning Projects
    Machine Learning Mastery

    We noticed that when people ask about issues in their machine learning project, very often it is not specifically a problem in machine learning but a problem in the programming language they use. It is sad to see someone distracted by the language, such as misunderstanding the error message that the Python interpreter gave. If we know more about working in the Python ecosystem, we can be much more efficient and focused on the machine learning problem itself.

  • The Machine Learning Mastery EBook Catalog
    Machine Learning Mastery

    Frustrated with one-off articles and too much math? Take the Next Step and Get Tutorial-Based Playbooks that will Guide You to a Specific Result. Welcome to: the Machine Learning Mastery EBook Catalog.

Partner Publications

  • The Business Impact of Using a Semantic Layer for AI and BI

    The report includes data from more than 100 enterprise data leaders about their experience using a Semantic Layer. It explores: The roadblocks to delivering AI and BI at scale, including cost, time, and ease of use; How a Semantic Layer addresses these roadblocks; Quantitative and qualitative measures of the business impact of a Semantic Layer.

  • 2022 Gartner Research: How Graph Techniques Deliver Business Value
    Tiger Graph

    In this report, Gartner analysts provide the foundation for understanding how you can use graph techniques to deliver new business value. Key Takeaways: What are graph techniques? What are the benefits of graph techniques? How Are Enterprises Using Graph Analytics Today?

  • Build, Automate, and Query your Lakehouse

    Dremio Cloud seamlessly combines the benefits of the data warehouse and data lake with a fully managed lakehouse platform - one that’s built for SQL, provides a Git-like experience, and is built on an open foundation. With Dremio Cloud, you can deliver mission-critical BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on data lake storage.

  • Machine Learning for High-Risk Applications: Techniques for Responsible AI, Chapters 1-5

    In this ebook, we explore practices to identify cutting-edge and responsible strategies for managing high-impact AI systems and work to understand the concepts and techniques of model interpretability and explainability.

  • Optimizing Data Pipelines Using Multiple Workforces

    This guide will show you how to overcome common hurdles of working with multiple workforces and optimize your data pipeline to execute safe, reliable AV models.

  • Blockchain Success Stories, Chapter 3
    O'Reilly Media

    There’s a lot of hype about blockchain, but sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s using it—and who’s actually making it work. This fun-to-read book offers a look at ten case studies of companies that have successfully integrated blockchain into their businesses. Chapter 3 explains how to build a successful blockchain by describing how Changpeng Zhao became a blockchain billionaire in less than a year.

  • Death of A Star Schema (Redux): Moving Beyond Inmon & Kimball

    3 ways a new approach to data modeling can transform your organization.

  • Product Management for AI
    O'Reilly Media

    This insightful report will help you anticipate and solve the problems you face as you develop an AI project and shepherd it into production.

  • End-to-End Management of the Full Data Lifecycle

    Incorta Named in Two 2022 Analytics Reports from Gartner®. The only vendor to be recognized in both reports.

  • The Big Book of Machine Learning Use Cases

    A collection of technical blogs, including code samples and notebooks.

  • The Big Book of MLOps

    A new data-centric approach to building robust MLOps practices.

  • The Value of AI‑Powered Business Intelligence
    O'Reilly Media

    To stay competitive, you need to know how to use AI strategically. The Value of AI-Powered Business Intelligence explains how AI-infused business intelligence can help your business users discover actionable, easy-to-understand insights independently from IT—even while remaining within the organization’s secure and governed IT architecture.

  • Compilation of Semantic Layer White Papers by Best Selling Authors & Experts

    Read this bundle of Semantic Layer whitepapers to learn the key value propositions to implement a semantic layer and best practices for analytics success with one.

  • Practical Machine Learning for Computer Vision: Chapter 3
    O'Reilly Media

    Using machine learning models to extract information from images is one of the trickiest ML tasks—but it often yields invaluable insights. What’s more, image classification is the “Hello World” of deep learning: It’s a stepping stone to other deep learning domains, such as natural language processing.

  • Creating a Production Launch Plan
    O'Reilly Media

    This practical report demonstrates how Google devised its production launch plan and provides actionable advice to help your company develop its own.

  • Intel and Aible Performance Benchmark and Case Studies Report

    Download the report to see details with more case studies and the initial results from the performance benchmark study.

  • 5 Critical Considerations for Building an Agile Data Pipeline

    Traditional data collection, curation, and analysis methods are anything but “agile.” Here’s what to do instead.

  • Building Effective Machine Learning Teams

    eBook: Why Visibility, Reproducibility, and Collaboration are Required for ML & AI Success.