Bioinformatics Solutions

  • ADMEWORKS ModelBuilder, for QSAR analysis and predicting chemical and biological properties of compounds.
  • Analyze IQ, develops software for analysis of molecular spectroscopy data, using standard statistical & chemometric methods, along with proprietary new methods based on machine learning & data mining.
  •, open-source project dedicated to providing Java tools for processing biological data
  •, open-source project providing Perl tools for sequencing and other processing of biological data
  • CLC Workbench family, bioinformatics software (Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), includes

  • CLC High Performance Computing, desktop bioinformatics solutions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux: CLC Bioinformatics Cell accelerates high quality database searches up to 400 times.
  • DMax Chemistry Assistant (tm): QSAR analysis, prediction of small molecule properties and induction of scientific SAR hypotheses with arbitrarily complex substructures.
  • DNA Star - DNA and Protein Sequence analysis software.
  • Gene Network Sciences BioMine, DNA microarray analysis package, with flexible data import, normalization, several clustering algorithms, and more.
  • Genevestigator from NEBION, an online platform allowing scientists to mine, visualize, discover or validate target genes across thousands of manually curated public microarray and RNAseq experiments.
  • Genialis, unlocking the hidden potential of your biological data. Slovenia.
  • Golden Helix SNP & Variation Suite, a complete statistical analysis package for genetic association studies and predictive diagnostics, based on Formal Inference-based Recursive Modeling (recursive partitioning based on dynamic programming).
  • K.wiz BioSciences from thinkAnalytics real-time, high-performance, high-volume and complex analytical solutions for faster investigation and decision-making cycles.
  • LeadScope, provides specialized data mining and visualization software for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • MDL Information Systems - offers modern biologists a virtual laboratory for analyzing sequence data using Bioinformatics Workbench.
  • Molegro, a Danish company developing novel high-quality drug discovery and data mining software.
  • Multifactor Dimensionality Reduction (MDR), for detecting and characterizing nonlinear interactions among discrete genetic and environmental attributes (Open-Source, in Java).
  • Partek provides easy-to-use bioinformatic software for researchers, with powerful statistics, interactive visualizations, and customizable pipelines for start-to-finish analysis. Cited in over 8,000 peer-reviewed publications.
  • PharmaDM develops innovative software solutions for target identification and validation, and lead optimisation
  • Primer Premier, a comprehensive PCR primer design software which designs optimal PCR, multiplex, SNP genotyping and degenerate primers with the most accurate melting temperature using the nearest neighbor thermodynamic algorithm; with support for automatic sequence retrieval, homology and template structure avoidance, compatible primer search and multiplex design.
  • PubGene, for finding relationships between genes based on their co-occurrence in the abstracts of scientific papers or gene expression experiments. Free PubGene service available at
  • SilicoCyte, a comprehensive gene expression analysis software platform with extensive data management and project management features from Cytogenomic Inc.
  • StatConsulting offers data analysis solutions for pharmaceutical industry & medicine including their marketing and CRM activities e.g. statistics for clinical trials, biomedical data analysis.
  • VEGA, the leading public platform for using QSAR Models for prediction of toxic and ecotoxic effects of chemicals for regulatory purposes for minimizing animal tests and costs and for improving consumer safety. Cooperation between Institute Mario Negri, Italy, US EPA, UK FERA, KnowledgeMiner Software, and others.