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CFP: Data Mining, Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, and Knowledge Discovery calls for papers


Email CFPs related to Analytics, Data Mining, and Knowledge Discovery to ed1.
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July 2014

Jul 28AusDM 2014: 12th Australasian Data Mining Conf. , 27-28 Nov 2014, Brisbane, Australia
Jul 30PIKM: PhD workshop at ACM CIKM 2014, 3-Nov-14, Shanghai, China
Jul 31The 14th IEEE Int. Conf. on BioInformatics and BioEngineering (BIBE-2014), Boca Raton, FL, USA. Nov 10-12, 2014
Jul 31new TCMM 2014 Int. Workshop on Technical Computing for Machine Learning and Mathematical Engineering, Leuven, Belgium. 8-12 Sep 2014

August 2014

Aug 1TELCO 2014: The 1st Int. Workshop on Telco Data-driven Innovations, 14-Dec-14, at ICDM 2014, Shenzhen, China
Aug 1Data Mining in Biomedical Informatics and Healthcare (DMBIH) Workshop 2014, at IEEE ICDM 2014, Shenzhen China. Dec 14, 2014
Aug 1IClaNov: 2nd Workshop on Incremental Classification, concept drift and Novelty detection, 14-Dec-14, at ICDM 2014, Shenzhen, China
Aug 1ACM DEV 2014: Int. forum for research in the design and implementation of information and communication technologies , Dec 5-6, 2014, San Francisco, CA
Aug 1new 4th Sentiment Elicitation from Natural Text for Information Retrieval and Extraction (SENTIRE), the IEEE ICDM workshop series on opinion mining., at ICDM-2014, Shenzhen, China. 14 Dec 2014
Aug 1DMS2014: 2014 IEEE Int. Workshop on Data Mining for Service, Dec 14-17, 2014, at IEEE ICDM 2014, Shenzhen, China
Aug 114th IEEE Int. Conf. on Data Mining Tutorial Proposals, Dec 14-17, 2014, Shenzhen, China
Aug 1MoDAT: Designing the Market of Data for Practical Data Sharing via Educational and Innovative Communications, 14-Dec-14, at IEEE ICDM 2014, Shenzhen, China
Aug 10Fifth IEEE Int. Workshop on Privacy Aspects of Data Mining (PADM 2014), held in conjunction with ICDM, Shenzhen, China. Dec 14, 2014.
Aug 11COMAD 2014: 20th Int. Conf. on Management of Data, Dec 17-19, 2014, Hyderabad, India
Aug 15KDCloud 2014: 5th Int. Workshop on Knowledge Discovery Using Cloud and Distributed Computing Platforms , 14-Dec-14, at ICDM 2014, Shenzhen, China
Aug 15new DINA'2014: Workshop on Data Integration and Applications, at ICDM 2014, Shenzhen, China. 14 Dec 2014
Aug 21new Special Issue on Concept Detection with Big Data, Int. J. of Multimedia Information Retrieval, Guest Editors: Shih-Fu Chang, Thomas S. Huang, Michael S. Lew, Bart Thomee
Aug 22new Workshop on Scalable Data Analytics: Theory and Applications , co-located with ICDM 2014, henzhen, China. Dec 14, 2014
Aug 25new IEEE BigData 2014 Call for Doctoral Consortium, Washington, DC, USA. Oct 27, 2014
Aug 30IEEE BigData-W: 2014 IEEE Int. Conf. on Big Data, Workshop Proposals, Oct 27-30, 2014, Washington DC, USA
Aug 30SCDM 2014: 2nd Scalable Cloud Data Management Workshop, Washington DC, USA. 27-30 Oct, 2014
Aug 31ECML/PKDD 2015 J0831: ECML/PKDD 2015, the European Conf. on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, journal track in collaboration with Machine Learning and Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journals, Aug monthly batch, Sep 7-11, 2015, Porto, Portugal
Aug 31new 3rd ACM SIGSPATIAL Int. Workshop on Analytics for Big Geospatial Data (BigSpatial-2014), Dallas, TX, USA. Nov 4, 2014

September 2014

Sep 1DMOS: Data Mining and Open Source Software tracks at 2015 INFORMS Computing Society Conf. , 2015, Richmond, VA, USA
Sep 1ASE-BD: BigData 2014 - The Fourth ASE Int. Conf. on Big Data, Dec 13-16, 2014, Cambridge, MA, USA
Sep 8TIR: Time and Information Retrieval, a special issue of Information Processing and Management, 2015, Guest Editors: Leon Derczynski (U. Sheffield), Jannik Strotgen (Heidelberg), Ricardo Campos (Polytechnic Institute of Tomar / LIAAD-INESC TEC), Omar Alonso (Microsoft)
Sep 8new CRIMENET 2014, the First Workshop on Criminal Network Analysis and Mining, at SocInfo 2014, Barcelona, Spain. Nov 10, 2014
Sep 12Data Streams Track, ACM Symposium on Applied Computing 2015, Salamanca, Spain. Apr 13-17, 2015
Sep 15new An IEEE VIS 2014 Workshop: Visualization for Predictive Analytics, Paris, France. Nov 2014.
Sep 19Discovery Summit Brussels, Brussels, Belgium. 23-25 March 2015
Sep 30new IJPR Special Issue on Big Data, Using Big Data To Make Better Decisions In The Digital Economy, Guest edited by Kim Hua Tan, Ming-Lang Tseng, Guojun Ji, Keah Choon Tan

October 2014

Oct 5new SDM 2015: The Fifteenth SIAM Int. Conf. on Data Mining, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Apr 30 - May 2, 2015
Oct 6Big Data Journal: Special Issue on Data for Social Good, 2015, Guest Editors: Charlie Catlett, Rayid Ghani
Oct 10new 15th Conf. on Knowledge Extraction and Management (EGC 2015), with Industry Track "Big Data Analytics" held exclusively in English, Luxembourg. Jan 27-30, 2015
Oct 12new SIAM Int. Conf. on Data Mining, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Apr 30 - May 2, 2015
Oct 2014th INFORMS Computing Society Conf., Jan 11-13, 2015, Richmond, Virginia, USA

February 2015

Feb 1new 24th Int. Joint Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI-15), Buenos Aires, Argentina. Jul 25 - Aug 1, 2015

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