7 Business Analytics Gurus to follow on Twitter

Here are seven analytic pros offering commentary on business analytics and related topics on Twitter.

From: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Just as I was leaving on a skiing vacation last week, I saw this Information Management slideshow on 7 Business Analytics Gurus You Should Be Following on Twitter, and was pleased to see me included. Here are the 7 Business Analytics gurus (all stats as of Jan 10, 2013):

Mike GualtieriMike Gualtieri, @mgualtieri,
Twitter bio: Forrester Analyst: Big Data, predictive analytics, & emerging technology. Host of TechnoPolitics. Futurist. Improvisational swing dancing with @lisagualtieri.
Tweets: 7,992; Following: 28,987; Followers: 27,249; Klout: 63

Information Management summary:

Along with podcasts, blogs and traditional research, Forrester Research Analyst Mike Gualtieri brings his "futurist" bent into the analytics fold with consistent entries and RTs on predictive analytics, big data and more.

Analytic BridgeVincent Granville @analyticbridge
Twitter bio: Publisher of the AnalyticBridge newsletter. Chief Scientist, expert in data science, predictive modeling, text mining and business analytics.
Seattle, WA. www.analyticbridge.com
Tweets: 9,021; Following: 1,551; Followers: 3,393; Klout: 53

Granville, the publisher of the Analytic Bridge newsletter, digs deep into a background on data science and infrastructure with daily tweets that slant toward the technical side of data.

Doug LaneyDoug Laney @doug_laney
Twitter bio: Gartner VP Research, Analytics, Info Innovation & Big Data | Originator, discipline of Infonomics | Competitive tennis & non-competitive golf.

Chicago, www.gartner.com/AnalystBiography?authorId=40872#research
Tweets: 2,471; Following: 4,385; Followers: 5,911;

Laney offers regular dispatches on his own work at Gartner and plenty of straight forward bites on others in the field. There are crunchy business-side tweets, too, from this originator of "Infonomics." Doug also coined 3 Vs of Big Data.

Leslie AmentLeslie Ament @Hypatia_LeslieA
Twitter bio: Hypatia SVP, Analyst, #Customer Intelligence Researcher. Business value of #CRM, #BI, #Analytics, #VOC, #Social Media, #Info Mgmt., #BigData, #GRC & Mkt.Aut.
USA, store.hypatiaresearch.com
Tweets: 1,989; Following: 505; Followers: 803, Klout: 43

Hyoun ParkHyoun Park @hyounpark
Twitter bio: COO @cambervillechow & @NucleusResearch Principal Analyst #analytics #bigdata #telco #MoneyBall LinkedIN: j.mp/hyounpark Tumblr: j.mp/TheFinalWord
Read my research at nucleusresearch.com
Tweets: 6,169; Following: 2807; Followers: 3028, Klout: 59

Gregory PiatetskyGregory Piatetsky @KDnuggets
Twitter bio: KDnuggets Editor, Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science consultant, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, part-time philosopher, dad
Brookline, MA, USA, www.kdnuggets.com/gps.html
Tweets: 6,951; Following: 298; Followers: 7735, Klout: 64

Piatetsky is an avid voice for the data mining and analytics communities through his consultancy and conference group. But he's a near constant presence on Twitter, doling out a healthy mix of analytic facts and trends as well as news-of-the-day.

Anil BatraAnil Batra @anilbatra
Twitter bio: Analytics is my passion and work. Moving beyond web analytics and working on Multi-Channel Analytics with granular customer level data.
Seattle, www.AnilBatra.com/analytics/
Tweets: 4,372; Following: 2,200; Followers: 4,616, Klout: 59

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