Apache Spark: O’Reilly Certification, EU Training, University Program

Recent news on Apache Spark includes developer certification from O'Reilly, upcoming training workshops in EU by Databricks, and Spark tutorial events at major universities.

Apache Spark is today the most activeApache Spark open source project in the Big Data ecosystem — with over 300 contributors in the past 12 months. Spark is available through several platform vendors, including all of the major Hadoop distributors, with a rapidly growing volume of production use cases. Design patterns are emerging that leverage Spark together with other popular frameworks, such as Cassandra and Kafka.

There are three recent important pieces of news about Spark...

First: Databricks and O’Reilly Media have partnered to launch Developer Certification for Apache Spark http://oreilly.com/go/sparkcert – a new program that leverages Databricks’ Spark experts and the O’Reilly Media editorial team. The formal exam (90 min) and subsequent certification establish the industry standard for measuring and validating technical expertise in Spark.

The first certification exam will be held next month at Strata NY. Get certified as a Spark Developer so you can demonstrate recognized validation for your expertise, and be a part of the Spark developers community building the next-generation of Big Data applications.

Second: To stay up to date with the latest advances and training in Spark, and help prepare for the certification exam, Databricks is offering training workshops worldwide. The program in major cities throughout the US was launched in April of this year, and is now expanding into EU and APAC. Upcoming EU training for Spark will be held in London, Paris, and Barcelona:
The Introduction to Apache Spark workshop is for developers to learn the core Spark APIs. This course features hands-on technical exercises to get developers up to speed using Spark for data exploration, analysis, and building Big Data applications. Course materials are authored by Databricks, and the instructors for these workshops are trained and certified by Databricks.

Third: Databricks has initiated a program of partnering with major universities to host Spark Tutorial events – multi-day programs open to a mix of industry and academic audience. These offer deep-dives into the latest research related to Spark, with more academic material included and featuring speakers from the core Spark development team. A recent tutorial hosted by Stanford ICME was a big success, and the upcoming tutorial at University of Maryland sold out almost immediately.

Databricks would like to partner with other universities for similar tutorial events, particularly those which have strong programs in distributed systems, functional programming, data science, and machine learning – or other academic areas that leverage Spark, such as genomics and physical sciences. Please contact: training-feedback@databricks.com