DM Radio: Predictive Tools Are Pervasive, with KDnuggets, Predixion, RedPoint, and Appnomic, Oct 30

Today there are many companies offering predictive analytics tools and solutions. How, where, and when can these new tools be leveraged? Listen to DM Radio with KDnuggets, Predixion, RedPoint, and Appnomic, on Oct 30.

By Gregory Piatetsky, @kdnuggets, Oct 21, 2014.

Join me and my fellow panelists for

DM Radio The Cat's Out of the Bag:
Predictive Tools Are Pervasive
noon PT, 3 pm ET.

Once upon a time, only a handful of major vendors offered tools for predictive analytics. That time has gone. Today, there are dozens, even scores of companies wading into the world of predictive analytics. Some of the new tools use machine learning algorithms that can vastly improve the accuracy of certain predictions. How, where and when can these new tools be leveraged? And how much has the cost come down? Register for this episode of DM Radio to find out!

  • Gregory Piatetsky, President and Editor of KDnuggets.
    Gregory is an expert in Analytics, Data Mining, and Data Science; a co-founder of KDD conferences on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery; a co-founder and past president of SIGKDD; was Chief Scientist at 2 startups; and a part-time philosopher.
  • Will Ford: Director of Data Science at Predixion Software .
    Will is a pre- and post-sales T-shaped Data Scientist with strong business acumen. He has a PhD from Caltech in Computation and Neural Systems, and kayaks, hikes and writes about the data science revolution in his free time.
  • George Corugedo, CTO of RedPoint Global
    A mathematician and seasoned technology executive, George has more than 20 years of business and technical expertise. As co-founder and CTO, George is responsible for leading the development of the RedPoint's technology products.
  • Ray Solnik, President - US Operations, Appnomic
    Ray brings twenty years of deep technology experience in the cloud computing sector, managed network services, and data communications. Prior to Appnomic, Ray founded and headed a technology consulting and interim executive placement firm, Buena Vista Business Services.

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