Learn to Map Census Data in R – free email course

The course, split into 5 lessons, is designed to teach people how to easily make beautiful and informative maps of US demographics. People start with US State maps and progress to county and zip code maps.

By Ari Lamstein.

I am happy to announce a new free email course:

Mapping Census Data in R

– sign up at the form on the link above.

Over 600 people have taken the course so far, and you can see their work on twitter: #censuscourse.

The course is designed to provide similar information to what I covered in my tutorial Analyzing US Census Data with R. In short, it will teach you how to create choropleth maps of US demographics such as this:

Texas County Percent Hispanic Estimates

The course has five email lessons, with three days between each lesson. The lessons are:

  1. Introduction. An introduction to the dataset we’ll use, a basic review of R, etc.
  2. States. Creating choropleth maps of US State demographics.
  3. Counties. Creating choropleth maps of US County demographics.
  4. ZIP Codes. Creating choropleth maps of US ZIP Code demographics.
  5. Conclusion. Wrapping up, pointers to more information.

The course is intended as an introduction. If it becomes popular I hope to follow it up with a more in depth course on a site such as Udemy.

Sign up at

The R code to create the above chorpleth map is:


df_county_demographics$value = 
                  state_zoom = "texas",
                  title      = "Texas County Percent 
                                Hispanic\n2012 Estimates",
                  num_colors = 9) + coord_map()

Bio: Ari Lamstein is a software engineer and data analyst in San Francisco, working on open source projects.