Analytics and Machine Learning training in Q2

Learn Anomaly Detection, Deep Learning, or Customer Analytics in R online at with top instructors who are leaders of the field. Use code 3CAP17 before March 30 to save $170.

By Peter Bruce,

I don't know if you are planning to go the the INFORMS Analytics conference in Las Vegas at the beginning of April, but when you come back to the office imbued with the spirit of analytics, here are three of our online courses, all brand new, to consider:

Apr 21 - May 19: Anomaly Detection

May 12 - Jun 9: Deep Learning

May 26 - Jun 23: Customer Analytics in R

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Here is the full course catalog

Anomaly Detection is the science of detecting exceptions to the rules. Detecting anomalous cases in large datasets is critical in conducting surveillance, countering credit-card fraud, protecting against network hacking, combating insurance fraud, and many more applications in government, business and healthcare.

Deep Learning (I think of it as neural nets on steroids) is a hot topic these days. This is the technology that lies behind the exciting AI advances you read about - self driving Uber cars, voice recognition in air traffic control, facial recognition of shoppers in stores.

Customer Analytics in R integrates key analytics skills and tools in a beginning-to-end process with real transactional data - exploring and preparing the data, how to deal with the customer lifecycle, feature engineering, more.

Instructors include Nitin Indurkhya, author of several books in text mining and natural language processing, Karolis Urbonas, Head of Business Intelligence and Data Science at Amazon, and Alan Blair, Professor (and deep learning expert) at the University of New South Wales.

Peter Bruce

P.S. Ask about our custom training formats, combining online self-study with live interactive modules.