Data Science Bootcamp in Zurich, Switzerland, January 15 – April 6, 2018

Come to the land of chocolate and Data Science where the local tech scene is booming and the jobs are a plenty. Learn the most important concepts from top instructors by doing and through projects. Use code KDNUGGETS to save.

Based out of Zürich, Switzerland, Propulsion Academy is offering a complete Data Science 12-week bootcamp with job ready-skills upon graduation. With alumni from previous programs already in the job market, the focus is on the key concepts of Data Science such as Statistics, R and Python, Data Munging, Experimental Design, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and Natural Language Processing. For more information, see the program page.

Propulsion Zurich Bootcamp

Thanks in part to the important presence of Google and two renowned universities, ETH Zürich and University of Zürich, the Data Science landscape in Zurich is booming. Companies are finding it difficult to find talent to quench their newfound thirst for Data Science.

Located at the heart of Europe, Switzerland’s strategic location and quality of life makes it an easy sell to those in Europe and the rest of the world. The program’s world-class instructors have experience at Facebook, Airbnb, Hyperloop technologies, and MIT. The focus is on learning by doing and students work on real company data for their final projects. For US students, this is a perfect opportunity to get away for a while and be part of a killer program.

To be accepted into the program, candidates must pass a personal and technical interview. Anyone has the potential to get in, but accepted candidates usually have a background in mathematics, science, and finance. Ready for the challenge?

Propulsion Zurich Bootcamp
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