New Poll: When will Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) be achieved?

When will Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) be achieved, if ever? Please vote in new KDnuggets Poll.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), is defined as the machine intelligence that could successfully perform any intellectual task that a human can do. AGI can potentially bring enormous benefits - cure diseases, provide ample leisure time, eliminate car fatalities from safe self-driving cars, etc. AGI has poses also enormous risks - eliminating most (or all) jobs, dramatically increasing inequality, and perhaps an existential threat to humanity, as Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking warn. If AGI is achieved, then Singularity, when the computer intelligence will increase exponentially, could follow soon after.

Andrew Y. Ng says it is too early to worry about AGI and singularity - just like it is too early to worry about overpopulation on Mars. Francois Chollet, author of Keras and expert in Deep Learning, argues that intelligence explosion is impossible.

With AlphaGo Zero (and later AlphaZero) achieving amazing successes and superhuman performance in Go, Chess, and other games, and with computers now able to recognize images, understand speech, drive cars, and diagnose radiology as well as humans or better, AGI seems to be getting closer by the week.

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Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) in less than 50 years, say KDnuggets readers
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