The 2018 Data Scientist Report is Here

Learn about the data and tools that data scientists are working with in 2018, Ethical issues around AI, Algorithmic bias, Job satisfaction, and more.

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Data Scientist Report 2018

Machine learning projects are proliferating, and more and more data - 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day - is required to power them.

Understanding what practitioners think about the technology they're pioneering is important. To that end, for the fourth straight year, we've taken the pulse of the data scientist community and are excited to share the results with you in our annual Data Scientist Report.

In this year's report, we cover:

  • The data and tools that data scientists are working with in 2018.
  • Ethical issues around building and deploying AI.
  • Algorithmic bias. Are we still in denial? 
  • Job satisfaction. We found out that data scientists don't just like their job, they love it.

Download the report today.

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