Easy Way to Scrape Data from Website By Yourself

Introducing Octoparse, a simple cloud-based website data scrapper that will let you extract any web data in real-time and coding is not needed.

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By Octoparse

Web scrapping or commonly known as data scraping is a technique used on computers to extract data from websites. For those of you who don’t have an idea of what it is, you might be already scared by these tech jargons. Honestly, it is very conceivable! Mostly the websites do not provide any medium to the users to actually save the data visible on the websites and the only available option is copy and paste the data, manually. This is a very time-consuming process and not effective at all. In these situations, we need to use web-scrapping.

The web-scrapper programs are very effective for extracting data from the websites and saving them with a structure. These tools can come very handy for many purposes like e-commerce, recruitment, finance and marketing etc. So, if you are looking for a web scraping tool we have got you covered.  You will need a custom web scraper completely focused on your specific requirements and you can scrape anything you want! In this article, you will know everything about this web-scraping tool in details.

Introducing Octoparse- A Premium Web-Scrapper

Octoparse is a simple cloud-based website data scrapper that will let you extract any web data in real-time and coding is not needed. The acquired data can be stored in a cloud-based platform provided by Octoparse themselves. After the procedure, the extracted data then gets stored in the cloud in the form of API, CSV, Excel, HTML, TXT or you can directly save it into the database. Most importantly, it is a free tool designed for data mining and data analysis. Following are some of the features:

  • Easily operable. Just make a few clicks and your job is done, coding is not necessary.
  • The scraped data is stored on a Cloud Platform provided by Octoparse which is available 24/7. The Cloud Platform provides faster data extraction!
  • It boasts a Point-and-Click Interface which applies machine learning to get data the moment you tap on it very accurately.
  • You can even schedule the software to scrap at any specific time. It can be hourly, weekly or daily; lots of options are available.
  • The scrapped data will be downloaded as CSV, Excel, API or simply save them to databases.
  • It can scrape data from any website irrespective of complications.
  • It has the capability to scrape logins, input searches, webpages, links, URL, fill in forms, drop-down menus, HTML code and much more.
  • A feature called automatic IP rotation is available just to make sure your IP does not get blocked.

How to Scrape Data with Octoparse

As advertised the operation of this program is also very simple. It is detailed below for user convenience. Have a look.

Step 1: First step is obviously to download and install the program on your computer. It is a free software available on the internet.

Step 2: Now, launch the program and enter the URL of the website, from where data needs to be extracted.

Octoparse scrape data

Step 3: Afterward, you need to click on the target data in order to extract.

Step 4: In this final step, you need to run the data extraction and the extracted data will be stored in the mentioned form in Octoparse cloud platform.


As you can see, Octoparse provides the simplest operation guidelines and turn a difficult task like data extraction into a simple one. Quite fascinatingly, the software does everything; it detects the website, extracts the data, provides it with a structure and ultimately stores it on a cloud platform provided by the software.