Accelerated Computer Vision: A Free Course From Amazon

Amazon's Machine Learning University is making its online courses available to the public, and this time we look at its Accelerated Computer Vision offering.



Amazon's Machine Learning University is making its online courses, previously only available to Amazon employees, freely-available to the public.

One of the first such courses made publicly available is Accelerated Computer Vision, a course which describes itself as follows:

This repository contains slides, notebooks, and datasets for the Machine Learning University (MLU) Computer Vision class. Our mission is to make Machine Learning accessible to everyone. We have courses available across many topics of machine learning and believe knowledge of ML can be a key enabler for success. This class is designed to help you get started with Computer Vision, learn about widely used Machine Learning techniques and apply them to real-world problems.

This concise course, taught by Rachel Hu, an applied scientist at AWS Deep Engine Science, is made up of a playlist of video lectures, along with a GitHub repository of course notebooks, slides, and data. The short videos and accompanying courseware material is collected into into 3 overarching lessons, organized as follows:



Lesson notebooks for the course focus on acquiring the skills for practical CV implementation, and have the following focuses, providing insight into what you can expect to learn along the way:

  • Neural Networks
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Final Project Overview
  • AlexNet
  • AutoGluon for Computer Vision
  • ResNet
  • YOLO

The course also includes the implementation of a final project in practical computer vision, the Jupyter notebook for which begins as follows, providing additional hints of expected learning outcomes:



This appears to be a great introductory course for computer vision beginners. Amazon has done the community a service by opening their Machine Learning University courses to the public, and between the Accelerated Computer Vision course and the other currently available offerings, it appears that those wishing to learn machine learning from a world class machine learning organization now have another option.