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Sas Viya

For most enterprises, the cloud presents an opportunity to rethink not only how to use technology, but how to manage your business. The scalability and flexibility of a cloud environment offers the possibility of lower costs, greater agility and more accurate decisions.

But not all cloud environments are created equal. And there’s no single way to implement. While enterprises could simply “lift and shift” their current systems to the cloud, most will embark on an approach to steadily transform their operations. No matter the approach you take, SAS® Viya® can help.

SAS Viya takes full advantage of the cloud's scalability, providing a solution that delivers the latest analytics and AI capabilities.

With Viya, you can balance costs and agility with a built-in automation that enables you to strengthen your operations.​ Massively parallel processing delivers results in seconds, not hours. Plus, built-in governance makes your decisions repeatable, explainable, transparent and trustworthy – no matter the scale of your data, workloads or users.

Yet perhaps the biggest benefit of Viya is its ability to democratize data and analytics. Everyone – from data scientists to business analysts to the CEO – can access the power of analytics to make faster, better decisions.

All of these capabilities are offered on a cloud-native platform that unifies disparate technologies, skill sets and processes with end-to-end capabilities powered by automated AI.​

Join technology experts, partners and analysts in the industry for this live virtual event to see how SAS Viya can help you make the most of AI, analytics and the cloud for faster decisions and trusted results.