Free Data Engineering Courses

Get into the highly in-demand world of data engineering for free and earn 6 figures salary.

Free Data Engineering Courses
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In this blog, you will learn about the best 3 free data engineering courses for beginners and professionals. These courses will teach you data ingestions, data pipelines, SQL, ETL/ELT, analytical engineering, batch processing, data streaming, and automation. 

Free Courses:

  1. Data Engineering for Everyone
  2. Data Engineering Zoomcamp
  3. AWS Data Engineering Tutorial for Beginners


1. Data Engineering for Everyone


Data Engineering for Everyone Course by DataCamp is a no-code visual introduction to data engineering. There are no prerequisites, and anyone can take this course for free, even pure management professionals. 

You will learn what data engineers do and why they are highly in demand. You will also get an overview of SQL databases, data warehousing, and data lakes, processing the data, parallel computing, scheduling the task, and cloud computing.

The course is 2 hours long with interactive exercises and video tutorials. It will prepare you for a data engineering career track


2. Data Engineering Zoomcamp


Data Engineering Zoomcamp by DataTalks.Club is one of the best and complete courses on data engineering. All material of the course is free, including project files, video tutorials, and tools. 

You will learn about data engineering and setting up an environment in the first week. In the second week, you will learn about data ingestions, data Lake, workflow orchestration, and creating data pipelines locally and on a cloud. The third week is all about data warehouse, BigQuery, and Airflow. In the fourth week, you will dive deep into analytical engineering using dbt. In the next couple of weeks, you will learn about batch processing using Spark and data streaming using Kafka. The final three weeks are about working on an end-to-end project using the tools you have learned. The project will be reviewed by your peers. 

You will also learn about popular data engineering tools such as Airflow, PostgreSQL, BigQuery, Terraform, Docker, dbt (data build tool), Spark, and Kafka.

The course is 9 weeks long with real-life projects and video tutorials. 

Free Data Engineering Courses
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3. AWS Data Engineering Tutorial for Beginners


AWS Data Engineering Tutorial for Beginners is a 90 minutes long YouTube course that will teach you data engineering using Amazon Web Services. This course is for both beginners and seasoned professionals. 

You will learn about AWS tools such as Kinesis, DMS, and Glue supported by theory and practical examples. You will use these tools to learn streaming data analytics, data ingestions, transformation, query and visualize, and automation. 

I will suggest that you take this course if you want to learn about the AWS data engineering ecosystem. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is a data engineer's salary range?


On average, a data engineer makes $114,832 per year in the United States. If you are a senior engineer, you can get upward of $390K per year. Meta and Cisco Systems offer higher salaries in the tech industry - Glassdoor


What is data engineering?


Data engineering is all about cleaning, processing, and preparing data for analytical, data science, and machine learning tasks. You will be creating ETL or ELT data pipelines for ML and data quality checks. You will be learning SQL, database management, Apache Kafka, Apache Airflow, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, and Apache Hive.


What are the best data engineering courses?



  1. IBM Data Engineering Professional Certificate
  2. Data Engineer with Python
  3. Become a Data Engineer


  1. Data Engineering Zoomcamp
  2. Data Engineering for Everyone Course
  3. AWS Data Engineering Tutorial for Beginners


How to become a data engineer?


Skills required to become data engineer:

  1. SQL and database management.
  2. Build, test, and maintain data pipelines. 
  3. Make sure the data pipelines are aligned with business requirements.
  4. Gathering and organizing various data sources into one place. 
  5. Develop algorithms to analyze and extract information from data. 
  6. Automating repetitive tasks. 


How to get data engineering certification?


After mastering the data engineering skills and tools. You can enroll in a professional certification program:

Both of these certifications will help you get a job in data engineering roles. 

Abid Ali Awan (@1abidaliawan) is a certified data scientist professional who loves building machine learning models. Currently, he is focusing on content creation and writing technical blogs on machine learning and data science technologies. Abid holds a Master's degree in Technology Management and a bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Engineering. His vision is to build an AI product using a graph neural network for students struggling with mental illness.