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Free University Data Science Resources

This is a list of FREE data science resources and notes that are available online, some of which are provided by universities.

Free University Data Science Resources
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When you start to learn Data Science, it can be very confusing to choose the right course. They can also be very expensive. Choosing the free option is always the best option to really know what you’re getting yourself into, if it is for you, and if you are willing to pay for courses to get certified. 

I will be listing FREE Data Science Resources and Notes that are available online, some of which are provided by Universities. 


Data Science Resources and Notes


1. Stanford University - Computer Science

Stanford University offers a range of courses in Data Science. One, in particular, is the Computer Science course which includes:

CS 221 — Artificial Intelligence

CS 229 — Machine Learning

CS 230 — Deep Learning


2. Columbia Engineering - Applied Machine Learning

The Applied Machine Learning course was created by Andreas C. Muller, who is one of the developers of the Python machine learning library Scikit-learn. He is also a lecturer at Columbia University.

He covers the foundations of machine learning, from data exploration, data cleaning, model evaluation, and tuning. Other aspects that are covered are GitHub, unit testing, and more. 


3. Berkeley - Artificial Intelligence

Berkeley University offers a course called CS 188 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. The course goes through the basic understanding and techniques of intelligent computer systems. It has a specific emphasis on statistics and the decision-theoretic modeling paradigm.

If you plan to work through the materials independently, you can make an account at Gradescope and enroll using this code: 93PWD8. You can then use the following link to work:



4. Institut Polytechnique De Paris - Data Science

The Institut Polytechnique De Paris offers a course called Master Year 2 Data Science. This course will cover the basics of Deep Learning, with a focus on applications.

This course is for those who are proficient in Data Science and have more interest in Deep Learning. To ensure you understand the lecture slides and notebooks, make sure your Data Science skills are intact. 


5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Deep Learning

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a private land-grant research university in Cambridge. They offer a course called Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, which dives into the foundations of deep learning, autonomous vehicles, and AI. 

There are lectures available from 2017, giving you an insight into how Deep Learning has evolved over the years. 


6. MIT Open Course Ware

MIT is a leading institute for learning and in 2001, the university launched a platform called OpenCourseWare. They share Open Educational Resources (OER) to help people learn, increase their knowledge, and change their lives, for FREE! 

You can search for anything you want, and then once you click on the course; there will be a left drop-down menu that will provide the syllabus and other resources. They have a list of courses, I will provide a few that can get you started:

1. Mathematics for Computer Science

2. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming

3. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python

4. Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python

5. Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis

6. Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning



There is such a wealth of resources out there online to help you learn Data Science for FREE. If you are contemplating Data Science as a career, I would advise taking a shot at these free resources that are available from these top Universities. 

If you are interested in more free courses, have a read of:

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