Hone Your Data Skills With Free Access to DataCamp

DataCamp has launched their Free Week, running now through to 11.59 pm ET on 24 July. For this whole week, anyone, anywhere, and anytime can have unlimited access to their site. Try it out now!

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Hone Your Data Skills With Free Access to DataCamp

Calling all data scientists, data analysts, students, teachers, and business leaders.  Anyone looking to improve their data science skills is welcome to join us in the DataCamp Free Week! Starting on 18 July, you can access all of our courses and learning resources to level up your data skills. 

Whether you’re an individual looking to work on new projects or a business leader hoping to improve your team’s data literacy, you can enjoy a free week of DataCamp access.


DataCamp Free Week

DataCamp is excited to announce our Free Week launches on 18 July at 8 AM ET, running until 11.59 pm ET on 24 July. For this whole week, anyone, anywhere, and anytime can have unlimited access to our site. 

Your free access includes our entire library of 387 courses, 83 projects, 55 practice sessions, and 15 assessments across Python, R, SQL, Power BI, Tableau, and more. To top everything off, you will also have free access to our following resources:


Free Access for Individuals

DataCamp Free Week is made for everyone. From those who have always been curious about learning how to code to those who are already fluent in a programming language but looking for a challenge. 

At DataCamp, we have courses to suit learners of all levels. What’s more, our skill and career tracks are great for guiding you to the proficiency level you desire. You can also put your data skills to the test using DataCamp Workspace and Projects to work with real data sets.

Finally, if you are up for a challenge and serious about a job in data, try our Data Science and Analysis certification to equip you for your career. 

You will only need your email address to sign up for our Free Week.


Free Access for Teams

Interested in upskilling your team but unsure how to do it? Now is the perfect time to see how DataCamp for Business can help your team master their data literacy skills.

With DataCamp for Business, you and your team will have curated learning paths made specifically for your workforce to accomplish their goals. Additionally, you also get to collaborate in real-time and simplify your recruitment process.

How it works:

  • Build learning programs with our team to create custom learning paths just for your team
  • Report on your ROI using DataCamp’s visualization and spreadsheet tools to thoroughly understand your team’s progress
  • Upskill your company by investing in professional development for all roles and skill levels
  • Get started and scale using DataCamp’s integrations

Come and join us, along with top companies from consulting, the FTSE 1000, and 180+ government agencies who have been using DataCamp for business. To sign up, visit our Free Week Teams page.

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