Python Control Flow Cheat Sheet

The latest KDnuggets cheatsheet focuses on Python flow control, how we manage the execution order of statements in a program. Check it out for a quick start.


Go With the Flow

Programs aren't simply a sequence of commands each executing a single time, one after another, from the first line to the last. Programming requires the ability to loop over data, make decisions based on input, and run a command until a particular goal is reached, along with many other execution strategies.

The manner in which we control the execution of commands within a program is referred to as flow control. Since controlling the flow of code execution can have a considerable programmatic effect, computational algorithms are the combination of commands and the order in which they are executed. Without knowing how to control how your code executes, you won't accomplish much of anything as a programmer.

The state of flow control has come a long way since the days of goto. There are numerous common execution patterns that are available in the majority of modern programming languages, though their syntax differs from language to language. Python has its own, generally quite readable, set of flow controls, and that's what our latest cheat sheet focuses on.

Get ready to learn flow control, and to have a handy reference moving forward as you conquer the world of coding.

You can download the cheatsheet here.


Python Control Flow Cheatsheet


Our new quick reference cheat sheet will provide you with an understanding of implementing flow control in Python. This resource will provide an overview and quick reference for:

  • Comparison Operators
  • Boolean Operators
  • if Statements
  • Ternary Conditional Operator
  • while Loop
  • for Loop

Flow control is one one of the major aspects of programming, and as such every aspiring programmer needs to master it. Paradoxically, the exact syntax for some of these commonly-used commands and structures often need to be checked up on by programmers, even as they progress further into their careers. This cheat sheet both provides the information you need to quickly learn these strategies, along with a reference to use moving forward.

Check it out now, and check back soon for more.