SQL Interviews Preparations Material Resources

SQL is a must-known programming language for data people, and many modern jobs have SQL as a prerequisite. Here are material collections to prepare for your SQL interview.

SQL Interviews Preparations Material Resources
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SQL, or Structured Query Language, is a programming language to manipulate relational databases. As most companies store their data in relational databases, employees need to understand SQL language.

Currently, SQL skill is expected from data people and various job positions. That is why companies started to conduct various kinds of SQL interviews, either theoretical, technical, or both.

We might say that as long as we practice our SQL skills, we are ready for the interview. However, there are times that the questions might catch us off guard when we are not ready. Interviews were different than course practice, after all.

That is why we need to prepare ourselves before facing the interviews. In this article, we will explore various SQL interview material resources that would help you get prepared to achieve that dream job. This article would benefit both beginners and professionals, so let’s get into it.


SQL Interviews Material Resources


In this article, I will outline each interview cheat sheet with the expected material you would learn from the cheat sheet. All the materials included here are open to the public and cost 0 money, so you don’t need to worry.




Resource: SQL Interview Questions by InterviewBit

First, we have SQL interview Questions by InterviewBit. The material would teach you the basic SQL developer questions from real-world companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. 

The material is divided into SQL Interviews and PostgreSQL interview questions. The learning material would teach you various questions in each part, from the basic SQL concept to specific technical questions. As it is focused on the SQL developer interview, there are various questions on the whole database concept, such as database architecture and backup.

Also, InterviewBit provides a test at the end of the material that you could use to test your knowledge.




Resource: SQL Interview Questions by Edureka

The 3-part SQL Interview material from Edureka would teach you many basic SQL technical and concepts interview questions. The material consists of 3 different SQL interview questions, including SQL, MySQL, and DBMS interview questions. The material covers all the basic SQL knowledge, so it’s a perfect starting place.




Resource: Common SQL Interview Questions by FreeCodeCamp

Let’s get to the most common SQL technical questions the interviewer asks. You will learn basic SQL syntax questions and case studies in this material. It’s the perfect resource for the beginner.




Resource: SQL Interview Questions You Must Prepare: The Ultimate Guide by stratascratch

Boasted as the ultimate SQL interview questions materials and the guide prove why it is called an ultimate guide. The guide detailed all the interview questions and provided the answer with codes for each question.

Many of the questions also provide the intention behind why the interviewer asks the question and the best way to answer those questions. Furthermore, some questions were specific to a certain job role.

The guide covers various SQL Interview topics, including

  1. Technical concept SQL questions
  2. SQL questions from big companies
  3. SQL Data Science interview questions




Resource: 75+ Top SQL Interview Questions and Answers by Hackr.io

A comprehensive SQL interview material that would prepare you to answer the interviewer. The guide is divided into basic, intermediate, and advanced difficulties. Perfect for applicants on any levels.

The guide also provides tips before interviews, such as what to focus on and where to practice your skills. 


Great Learning


Resource: 180+ SQL Interview Questions and Answers by Great Learning

The interview material from Great Learning was mostly targeted for a developer job. However, it is still applicable to other job roles. It’s a complete guide that covers your interview preparation no matter what career level you are at right now.

The material was divided into several parts, including

  1. Basic and Advance SQL Interview
  2. SQL Interview Questions for Experienced and Developers
  3. SQL Joins Interview Questions
  4. SQL Server Interview Questions
  5. PostgreSQL Interview Questions


Interview Query


Resource: Top 25+ Data Science SQL Interview Questions by Interview Query

This interview guide will cover SQL interview questions you need to prepare as a data scientist. The guide divided into three sections, including

  1. Beginner: Definition-based concept and use cases
  2. Intermediate: Query writing questions
  3. Hard: SQL concepts to investigate business problems

The number of interview questions in number example might not be as big as the other material, but this guide provides something that the other guide doesn’t; for example, a breakdown category detail on what question to expect, the strategy to answer the interview, and common SQL concepts for a data scientist interview.


Besant Technologies


Resource: Oracle Interview Questions and Answers by Besant Technologies

Some of the SQL jobs out there required specific skills, namely Oracle. This interview material would cover all the basic Oracle questions and answers the interviewer might ask.


Software Testing Help


Resource: Top SQL Server Interview Questions With Answers by Software Testing Help

Another specific SQL interview questions material. In this guide, you will learn about questions asked for the SQL server with detailed answers. The material might be relevant for data engineer and related job roles.




Resource: Top 24 T-SQL Interview Questions and Answers by CareerGuru99

If the company expects you to know T-SQL, this resource material would be perfect for you. This guide is aimed at both freshers and professionals alike to learn more about T-SQL questions.




In this article, I have covered various SQL interview preparation materials that I have curated, which would be important when preparing for the interview. Most materials are good starting points to prepare for your interview.

Most of the interviews guide curated above could be used for any kind of data role you are currently pursuing or any career level you are at. So, good luck with your job search.
Cornellius Yudha Wijaya is a data science assistant manager and data writer. While working full-time at Allianz Indonesia, he loves to share Python and Data tips via social media and writing media.