Data Scientist’s Guide to Cognitive Biases: A Free eBook

Are you interested in exploring the topic of cognitive biases? Want to see how they may be affecting your data science practice? Check out this free ebook for this and more.

Data Scientist's Guide to Cognitive Biases: A Free eBook


If you are interested in exploring the topic of cognitive biases, and gaining insight into how biases can affect your daily life as well as your practice as a data scientist, the free eBook, "Thinking Clearly: A Data Scientist’s Guide to Understanding Cognitive Biases" may be a good resource to check out.

This latest eBook offering from Data Science Horizons covers a number of well-known biases, providing an overview of how they can interfere with day-to-day logical reasoning, methods for managing these biases and mitigating their influence, and specific concerns related to data science practice.

From Data Science Horizons:


Cognitive biases are mental shortcuts that can influence our thoughts, decisions, and judgments, often leading to errors or misconceptions. As data scientists, we are not immune to these biases, which can potentially affect the quality of our work and the insights we derive from data. This comprehensive ebook explores various cognitive biases and provides practical strategies to help you recognize and overcome their impact on your work as a data scientist.


Here's just a sneak peek of the biases covered in the book:


Learn how confirmation bias can lead to cherry-picking data and reinforce pre-existing beliefs, and discover strategies to counteract this bias in your data analysis.
Explore the self-serving bias and its impact on self-evaluation and interpersonal interactions, and learn how to develop a more balanced understanding of your experiences and personal growth.
Understand the halo effect and its consequences on perception and judgment, and discover ways to reduce its impact on your assessments.
Delve into groupthink and its dangers in decision-making and problem-solving, and uncover strategies for preventing and combating its influence.
Uncover the negativity bias and its effects on emotional well-being and decision-making, and learn tips for managing and overcoming this bias in your work as a data scientist.


Cognitive biases are everywhere. You have them. I have them. We all have them. The key to minimizing their interference with our logical selves is to be able to recognize them and form strategies to keep their effects at bay. This free resource intends to help you do just that.

Download Thinking Clearly: A Data Scientist’s Guide to Understanding Cognitive Biases now, and your hindsight bias will eventually tell you that this was the absolute right move :)

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