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U. Helsinki: Assistant Professor (tenure track) in CS (Data Management)

The U. of Helsinki, a top ten European university, seeks faculty in data management including distributed DB, management of big data systems, data models and data description languages. Apply by Oct 31.

Dept. of CS, U. of HelsinkiAt: Dept. of CS, U. of Helsinki
Location: Finland

The University of Helsinki is a multidisciplinary research university belonging to the best in the world and to the top ten European universities. The university has 36,500 degree students and the total number of staff is over 8,500. The university budget is 600 Million Euros.

The Faculty of Science declares

one Assistant Professor (tenure track) vacancy open, in the field of Computer Science (Data Management).

The vacancy is situated at the Department of Computer Science, which is part of the Faculty of Science.

The Department of Computer Science is the leading computer-science research and teaching unit in Finland. Three national Finnish Academy centres of excellence are active at the department, and the department has a close research partnership with Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT). The department is one of ten national centres of excellence in university education. The department employs 170 persons and its total budget is 11 Million Euros. The department disposes of an excellent research infra-structure, including its own 1960-core high-performance cluster.

The specific field of the vacancy is data management including its sub-areas such as distributed database systems, management of big data systems, data models and data description languages, application-specific data management, and the management of heterogeneous, mobile or network data.

The duties of the assistant professor include scientific research on data management, as well as database education and supervising theses on databases at the department. Candidates are expected to have carried on a successful career as an independent researcher after completing their doctoral degree. They are expected to have reached prominent international visibility in their own field, manifested by quality publications in the leading forums of their field, and by active participation in the international computer sciencecommunity.

In addition, they are expected to have good teaching skills. Ready participation in the education at the department and the establishment and management of a research group will also be expected.

Apply online

Application deadline for this positions is Oct 31, 2013 at 3.45 pm (local Helsinki time). The full announcement, including additional information and application instructions, is available at

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