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Michael Singer is a Senior Content Manager in Marketing at OpenText. Previously he was a technology journalist for publications such as the Economist Intelligence Unit, CNET News.com, InformationWeek and ReadWrite.

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  • OpenText Data Digest, Dec 18: The Data Awakens - 21 Dec 2015
    As the world enjoys the latest instalment of the Star Wars series, we review interesting visualizations based on the movie series. Strong is the data behind the Force. Enjoy!
  • OpenText Data Digest Nov 20: The Last Mile of Big Data - 24 Nov 2015
    For this week, we provide some examples of visualizations that crunch their fair share of Big Data on the back end but present it in a way that meets the Last Mile challenge.
  • OpenText Data Digest Nov 13: Making Relevant Data Easy to See - 17 Nov 2015
    For this week, we provide some examples of how complex data can be displayed in an easy-to-understand fashion.
  • OpenText Data Digest, Oct 16: Millennial Parenting - 21 Oct 2015
    Time Magazine’s latest cover story on the trends in Millennial parenting is chocked full of data about the way the younger generation—those born after 1985—approaches their childrearing duties. We’re offering some perspective on the issue.
  • OpenText Data Digest, Oct 9: Baseball Playoffs - 12 Oct 2015
    We love our data the way we love our baseball—lots of visuals and power hitters that crush it over the wall for the walk-off win. Check out which visualizations made to top three bases for this week’s OpenText data visualization.
  • OpenText Data Digest Oct 2: Traffic and Public Transit - 06 Oct 2015
    Despite constant congestion, data scientists are always coming up with ways to analyze traffic patterns to ensure you get to your desk by 9 a.m. Whether your transportation is trains or cars, we’ve got you covered, this week.
  • Opentext Data Driven Digest, Sep 18: Money and Finance - 23 Sep 2015
    Pacific Stock Exchange in San Francisco was created 133 years ago this week to serve businesses that struck rich mining for gold during the California Gold Rush. Nowadays, businesses mine for data hoping to strike it rich, using visualizations like the ones below.