Simon Greenman

Simon Greenman is a pioneer in artificial intelligence and technology innovation. As co-founder of MapQuest, he helped launch one of the first internet and AI brands. Currently a Partner at Best Practice AI advising on AI strategy, technology, and governance, he recently served on the World Economic Forum's Global AI Council, contributing to their Board and C-Suite AI toolkits. Simon has spent over a decade as Chief Digital Officer leading digital transformations of directory companies and was CEO of HomeAdvisor Europe that offers leading marketplaces for tradespersons. He worked with prominent companies like Bowers & Wilkins, AOL, and Accenture. He is active in the UK start-up ecosystem and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School as well as a BA in Computing and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.

  • Who Will Make Money from the Generative AI Gold Rush?
    Buckle up for the Generative AI gold rush! Will BigTech rule with its picks and shovels? Which startups will strike it rich? Will “copilot for X” be the business strategy to hit pay dirt? How can startups dig moats to keep out other prospectors? And will the US once again have the richest gold seams?