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  • Deep Learning: an Interview with Yoshua Bengio - 08 Mar 2016
    Yoshua Bengio is a renowned figure in the machine learning and specifically deep learning, here is an interview with Yoshua about his thoughts on media interest in the field, future developments and more.
  • What To Expect from Deep Learning in 2016 and Beyond - 11 Jan 2016
    Predictions from some of the top names in deep learning, including Ilya Sutskever and Andrej Karpathy, about what to expect in the field over the next 5 years.
  • Deep Learning and Big Data Products: Synthos Technologies - 23 May 2015
    Using Deep Learning to build products on massive scale, virtues of transaction analytics, and which industries will likely to be disrupted in the near future, a perspective from Synthos Technologies.
  • Deep Learning with Structure – a preview - 06 May 2015
    A big problem with Deep Learning networks is that their internal representation lacks interpretability. At the upcoming #DeepLearning Summit, Charlie Tang, a student of Geoff Hinton, will present an approach to address this concern - here is a preview.