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KDD Cup 2001

A total of 136 groups (estimated 300-400 people) participated to produce a total of 200 submitted predictions over the 3 tasks: 114 for Thrombin, 41 for Function, and 45 for Localization.

KDD Cup 2001 Winners.

  • Task 1, Thrombin: Jie Cheng (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce).
  • Task 2, Function: Mark-A. Krogel (University of Magdeburg).
  • Task 3, Localization: Hisashi Hayashi, Jun Sese, and Shinichi Morishita (University of Tokyo).

KDD Cup 2001 Honorable Mention

A number of other participants scored extremely well. The following were especially close to the winning scores.

  • Task 1, Thrombin: T. Silander (University of Helsinki)
  • Task 2, Function: C. Lambert (Golden Helix); J. Sese, H. Hayashi, and S. Morishita (University of Tokyo); D. Vogel and R. Srinivasan (A.I. Insight)
  • Task 3, Localization: M. Schonlau (RAND), W. DuMouchel, C. Volinsky and C. Cortes (AT&T); B. Frasca, Z. Zheng, R. Parekh, and R. Kohavi (Blue Martini)

KDD-Cup 2001 Chairs

Christos Hatzis, SilicoInsights
David Page, University of Wisconsin


KDD Cup 2001 involved 3 tasks, based on two data sets.

  • Dataset 1: Prediction of Molecular Bioactivity for Drug Design -- Binding to Thrombin
  • Dataset 2: Prediction of Gene/Protein Function and Localization

See full results at KDD Cup 2001 site.


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