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AutoML: Automated Data Science and Machine Learning

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  • ABM: Automatic Business Modeler, automatically builds accurate and interpretable predictive models. Commercial.
  • Akkio is a simple, visual, easy-to-use platform that enables anyone to leverage the power of AI in their business.
  • AutoDiscovery from ButlerScientifics, intelligent exploratory data analysis software that unveils complex relationships in scientific experiments or clinical studies data.
  • Automatic Statistician project, a system which explores an open-ended space of possible statistical models to discover a good explanation of the data, and then produces a detailed report with figures and natural-language text. Research project.
  • auto-sklearn, an automated machine learning toolkit and a drop-in replacement for a scikit-learn estimator. Open Source.
  • Auto-WEKA, automates selection of a learning algorithm and setting its hyperparameters, using Bayesian optimization. Research project.
  • Bicedeep AI, Data Science AI As A Service, suggests deep learning models that work on your data and can automatically create and apply them.
  • Darwin combines deep learning with genetic algorithms, designed to help data scientists and engineers save time in choosing optimal models.
  • DataRobot, automated Machine Learning platform built by top data scientists on Kaggle. Commercial.
  • DataRPM Cognitive Data Science platform automates and operationalizes Machine Learning to rapidly solve Critical Business Problems for industrial internet. Commercial.
  • DMWay offers an automated end-to-end solution, powered by a sophisticated analytic engine that models all the steps taken by experienced data scientists during the analytic process. Commercial.
  • dotData platform democratizes, operationalizes and accelerates the entire data science process, from raw data ingestion through AI-powered feature engineering to ML models in production, helping enterprises achieve new levels of transparency, agility and insight.
  • Emcien, makes automated discovery and predictive analytics software, white labeled by Cisco Data Analytics Group.
  • ForecastThis DSX, uses cross-validation to test every algorithm in its extensive library, automates the discovery of the best model, and make that model available for use.
  • FeatureLab, built upon MIT Data Science Machine research project, automatically chooses optimal variables, builds appropriate models, and recommends the refinements best suited for your data.
  • Kogentix Automated Machine Learning Platform runs natively on Spark and includes all elements required to build and run a machine learning application.
  • Loom Systems, develops the first Artificially Intelligent Data Scientist. Built for low-touch operational simplicity, it automatically extracts value from big data and presents it along with recommended actions.
  • machineJS: Automated machine learning - just give it a data file. Open-source.
  • MLJAR, a platform for rapid prototyping, development and deploying pattern recognition algorithms.
  • Quill from Narrative Science, transforms data into meaningful and insightful narratives people can simply read. Commercial.
  • PerceptiLabs, a GUI for TensorFlow, is a new visual modeling tool for machine learning - just drag and drop components, and generate visualizations and TensorFlow code. Free for developers.
  • RapidMiner is a leading end-to-end data science platform that fully automates and augments the data prep, model creation, model operations processes. RapidMiner uniquely tracks and delivers profitability metrics, so users can focus on model impact, not just model accuracy.
  • SAP Predictive Analytics, combines SAP InfiniteInsight (as Automated Analytics) and SAP Predictive Analysis (as Expert Analytics) in a single desktop installation.
  • Savvy from Yseop, automatically turn spreadsheets and dashboards into written insight.
  • Skytree Machine Learning Software, enterprise-grade machine learning, uses all data and high performance algorithms automated model building to deliver more accurate predictive models. Commercial.
  • Tree-based Pipeline Optimization Tool (TPOT), a Python tool that automatically creates and optimizes machine learning pipelines using genetic programming. Research prototype.
  • Wordsmith from Automated Insights, AI platform that generates human-sounding narratives from data.
  • Xpanse Analytics, a platform building predictive models on raw transactional data stored in many tables, able to generate thousands of features automatically without manual coding. Commercial.

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