Decision Tree Software for Classification

commercial | free
  • AC2, provides graphical tools for data preparation and builing decision trees.
  • Alice d'Isoft 6.0, a streamlined version of ISoft's decision-tree-based AC2 data-mining product, is designed for mainstream business users.
  • Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER, provides risk analysts with powerful, data processing, analysis and knowledge discovery capabilities to better segment and understand customer behaviors.
  • Angoss StrategyBUILDER™ for combining predictive rules with user defined segment, customer and product level rules to model, assess, optimize and assess the value of different data driven strategies.
  • BigML, offering decision trees and machine learning as a service.
  • C5.0/See5, constructs classifiers in the form of decision trees and rulesets. Includes latest innovations such as boosting.
  • CART 5.0 decision-tree software, multiple winners of KDD Cup. Advanced facilities for data mining, data pre-processing and predictive modeling including bagging and arcing.
  • Citrus Technology Replay Professional, with highly visual interface for quickly building a decision tree on any dataset, from any database. Explore, analyse, define and reuse decision trees within minutes.
  • DTREG, generates classification and regression decision trees; finds optimal tree size; supports variable costs, priors and variable weights. Download free demo version.
  • Decisionhouse, provides data extraction, management, pre-processing and visualization, plus customer profiling, segmentation and geographical display.
  • Mapit Designer, a simple decision tree tool used to create online scripts to help users navigate complex information to get to the right answer.
  • Neusciences aXi.DecisionTree, ActiveX Control for building a decision tree. Handles discrete and continuous problems and can extract rules from the tree.
  • Palisade PrecisionTree, Decision trees and influence diagrams for Excel.
  • PolyAnalyst, includes an information Gain decision tree among its 11 algorithms.
  • SPSS AnswerTree, easy to use package with CHAID and other decision tree algorithms. Includes decision tree export in XML format.
  • XpertRule Miner (Attar Software), provides graphical decision trees with the ability to embed as ActiveX components.

free and shareware:

  • C4.5, the "classic" decision-tree tool, developed by J. R. Quinlan, (restricted distribution).
  • GAtree, genetic induction and visualization of decision trees (free and commercial versions available).
  • Mangrove, a tool for visualization of decision tree learning,
  • OC1, decision tree system continuous feature values; builds decision trees with linear combinations of attributes at each internal node; these trees then partition the space of examples with both oblique and axis-parallel hyperplanes.
  • PC4.5, a parallel version of C4.5 built with Persistent Linda (PLinda) system.
  • Simple Decision Tree, an Excel Add-in created by Thomas Seyller for Stanford, open sourced for the Decision Professional Network.
  • SMILES, advanced decision tree learner, with new splitting criteria, non-greedy search, extraction of different solutions, boosting, cost-sensitive learning, and more.
  • Random forests from Leo Breiman, a combination of tree predictors such that each tree depends on the values of a random vector sampled independently and with the same distribution for all trees in the forest.
  • YaDT: Yet another Decision Tree builder, a new implementation of the C4.5 decision tree induction algorithm designed and implemented in standard C++ from scratch.