Software for Classification using multiple approaches

commercial: | free

  • 11Ants Model Builder, upgrades Microsoft Excel into a powerful, simple to use data mining / predictive analytics tool, with regression, classification and rank likelihood.
  • ADAPA® from Zementis, a framework for deployment, integration, and execution of various predictive algorithms, including neural networks, support vector machines, regression models, and decision trees.
  • Affinium Model Suite, includes linear regression, logistic regression, CHAID, neural networks, and genetic algorithms.

  • Dataladder ProductMatch, uses best in class Semantic Technology to recognize and transform unstructured and unpredictable data.
  • KINOsuite PR, extracts rules from trained neural networks.
  • Knowledge Studio, featuring multiple data mining models in a visual, easy-to-use interface.
  • MLF: machine learning framework for Mathematica, the multi-method system for creating understandable computational models from data.
  • Oracle Data Mining, embeds data-mining functionality into the Oracle database, for making classifications, predictions, and associations.
  • Polyanalyst, features multiple classification algorithms: Decision Trees, Fuzzy Logic, and Memory Based reasoning.
  • PoolParty Semantic Classifier, as a service or on premises; features multiple classification algorithms such as SVM, Deep Learning and Naive Bayes; user-friendly GUI; knowledge graphs improve the results by up to 3% as compared to traditional term-based approaches.
  • Predictive Dynamix Data Mining Suite integrates statistical, graphical, and ROC analysis with neural network, clustering, and fuzzy models.
  • PredictionWorks, includes decision tree (gini, entropy, C4.5), logistic regression, k nearest-neighbor, naive bayes and linear regression. Free test over the web!
  • Previa Classpad, provides an interactive environment for classification using neural networks, decision trees, and bayesian networks.
  • perClass, easy-to-use Matlab toolbox for training pattern recognition algorithms and C library for real-time execution in custom applications (formerly PRSD Studio).
  • prudsys DISCOVERER: non-linear decision trees (NDTs) and sparse grid methods for classification
  • Rank from VADIS, combines best practices in variable recoding, cross-validation, ridge regression, feature selection, and handling very large datasets, to quickly provide accurate and robust models.
  • STATISTICA Data Miner
  • Tiberius, includes Neural networks, Logistic regression, 3D Visualization, and much more (free to university staff and students).
  • Viscovery Profiler, Viscovery SOMine, classification with workflow guidance and class visualization, based on Self-Organizing Maps and classical statistics.


  • CraftML is a Clustering-based Random Forest for Extreme multi-label Learning - can classify data into multiple categories; was presented at ICML 2018.
  • ML-Flex, an open-source software package designed to enable flexible and efficient processing of disparate data sets for machine-learning (classification).
  • MLC++, a library of C++ classes for supervised machine learning, including multiple classification algorithms.
  • SIPINA-W, produces decision graphs and trees. Includes several classification methods. (Win). Shareware