Neural Network Software for Classification

Neural Network Sites

Neural Network Commercial Software

  • Alyuda NeuroIntelligence, supports all stages of neural network design and application.
  • BioComp iModel(tm), self-optimizing, non-linear predictive model development.
  • BrainMaker, a fast neural network system, now with MMX acceleration.
  • COGNOS 4Thought, predictive modeling tool offering Effectiveness measurement, What-if analysis, and Forecasting
  • GMDH Shell, creates classifiers based on GMDH-type neural networks.
  • KnowledgeMiner, 64-bit, multi-core support software for building reliable analytical classification models and model ensembles from noisy data using self-organizing knowledge mining technologies. Model export to Excel. Localized for English, Spanish, German. Free to try.
  • MATLAB Neural Net Toolbox, a comprehensive environment for neural network research, design, and simulation within MATLAB
  • MemBrain, a powerful neural network editor and simulator for Microsoft Windows, supporting neural networks of arbitrary size and architecture (free for private and for non-commercial use).
  • Neural Designer, an advanced application for discovering complex relationships, recognizing unknown patterns and predicting actual trends from data sets.
  • NeuroSolutions, powerful and flexible neural network modeling software.
  • NeuroXL, neural networks software for classification and prediction of simple and complex data in Excel.
  • NeuralWorks Predict Predict 3.0 and Professional II/PLUS.
  • Palisade NeuralTools, sophisticated neural networks for Excel.
  • SPSS Neural Connection 2, with Bayesian Network, Data Output Tool, model weights and more.
  • STATISTICA Neural networks, comprehensive and user-friendly nn application with many charting options, network architectures and training algorithms.
  • Synapse, a development environment for neural networks and other adaptive systems, supporting the entire development cycle from data import and preprocessing via model construction and training to evaluation and deployment; allows deployment as .NET components.
  • Tiberius, a data modelling and visualisation tool for Windows. (Free to university staff and students).

Neural Network Free Software and Shareware

  • NuClass7, freeware for fast development, validation, and application of neural and conventional classifiers including multilayer perceptron, functional link net, piecewise linear net, nearest neighbor classifier, self organizing map.
  • Sciengy RPF, a free application for data mining with self-organizing neural networks, with a convenient user interface and ability to work with text and data files. (Windows only)
  • Sharky Neural Network, free software for playing with neural networks classification.