Rules-based Software for Classification

  • Compumine Rule Discovery System, has a complete coverage of rule-based predictive modeling methods for both classification and regression, with a user-friendly interface.
  • Datamite, enables rules and knowledge to be discovered in ODBC-compliant relational databases.
  • DMT Nuggets, suite of Nuggets business and scientific solutions based on Sift Agent(TM) technology.
  • PolyAnalyst, supports decision tree, fuzzy logic rules, and other classification algorithms.
  • SuperQuery, business Intelligence tool; works with Microsoft Access and Excel and many other databases.
  • Rulex, Inc provides rule-described prescriptive analytics tools to decision makers.
  • WizWhy, automatically finds all the if-then rules in the data and uses them to summarize the data, identify exceptions, and generate predictions for new cases.
  • XpertRule Miner (Attar Software) provides association rule discovery from any ODBC data source.


  • AutoUniv, for creating classification models and generating data sets from them.
  • CBA, mines association rules and builds accurate classifiers using a subset of association rules.
  • DM-II system, includes CBA for classification based on associations, and many more features.
  • KINOsuite-PR extracts rules from trained neural networks.
  • PNC2 Rule Induction System, Windows software tool that induces rules using the PNC2 cluster algorithm.