Anomaly Detection, Deviation and Fraud Detection Software

  • Anodot provides real-time analytics and automated anomaly-detection systems to find outliers in Big Data and transform them into valuable business insights.
  • Delta Miner, integrates new search techniques and "business intelligence" methodologies into an OLAP front-end; finds most important exceptions
  • GritBot, for identifying anomalies in data (compatible with See5 and Cubist).
  • Kepler, a data mining suite, which includes methods for deviation detection (website in German and English)
  • Machine Analytics, anomaly detection and analytics for machine data and log files.
  • Penny Analytics operates an online analytics service, specializing in outlier detection, where you upload files online and get results when the job is complete.
  • Trakker is a customizable data-driven software to identify process weaknesses through data analytics. Data is aggregated to allow you to manage by exception.
  • Wizrule, reports the rules, and the cases deviating from the norm.