Estimation and Forecasting Software

commercial: | free

  • 11Ants Model Builder, upgrades Microsoft Excel into a powerful, simple to use data mining / predictive analytics tool, with regression, classification and rank likelihood.
  • Alyuda Forecaster XL, Excel add-in for forecasting and estimation based on neural networks.
  • Alyuda NeuroIntelligence, supports all stages of neural network design and application.
  • Auguri, an integrated data analysis, manipulation and forecasting software with emphasis on nonlinear dynamical methods.
  • Autobox, automatically Builds Box-Jenkins models for Univariate and Causals models adjusting for lead/lag relationships and interventions - pulse, seasonal pulses, level shifts, time trends.
  • Cubist, decision-tree based tool for estimating a continuous value
  • DaMi2TM, newly patented analytics engine providing unattended clustering, classification, and optimization of hundreds of variables simultaneously in a single analysis operation.
  • Evolutionary Regression, builds an optimal regression model from your data
  • Gains#, a statistical modeling tool for business analysts for building powerful statistical models in an integrated environment.
  • GenIQ Model, uses machine learning for regression task; automatically performs variable selection, and new variable construction, and then specifies the model equation to "optimize the decile table".
  • GMDH Shell, forecasting software that creates predictive models based on artificial neural networks.
  • MARS, J. Friedman's automated logistic regression for binary classification problems. Automatic missing value handling, interaction detection, variable transformation.
  • Previa Studio, a specialised interactive environment for the definition of forecasting models.
  • Portal for Forecasting with neural networks, including software, data, and more.
  • Thesys Plan@, a web-based solution for forecasting the different level of sales for all of the products, useful for stock optimization or planning processes.
  • Time Oriented Language (TOL), a powerful open source software and a high-level programming language for time series.
  • WizWhy uses association rules to summarize the data, point interesting phenomena, and issues predictions for new cases

free and shareware:

  • Gait-CAD Matlab toolbox, for the visualization and analysis of time series, including classification, regression, and clustering. GNU GPL license.
  • NuMap7, freeware for fast development, validation, and application of regression type networks including the multilayer perceptron, functional link net, piecewise linear network, self organizing map and K-Means.
  • Sciengy RPF, a free experimental Windows application self-organizing neural networks, a convenient user interface and ability to work with text data files.
  • Tiberius, MLP Neural Network for classification and regression problems.